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2016-04A comprehensive viscosity model for micro magnetic particle dispersed in silicone oilJung, Im Doo; Kim, Moobum; Park, Seong JinARTICLE299
2021-10-28Accelerated design of high-efficiency lead-free tin perovskite solar cells via machine learningBak, Tae Joo; Kim, Kyu Sun; Seo, Eun Hyeok; Han, Ji Ye; Sung, Hyo Kyung; Jeon, Il; Jung, Im DooCONFERENCE220
2023-01Accelerated Design of High-Efficiency Lead-Free Tin Perovskite Solar Cells via Machine LearningBak, Taeju; Kim, Kyusun; Seo, Eunhyeok; Han, Jiye; Sung, Hyokyung; Jeon, Il; Jung, Im DooARTICLE126
2023-02Advanced thermal fluid leakage detection system with machine learning algorithm for pipe-in-pipe structureKim, Hayeol; Lee, Jewhan; Kim, Taekyeong; Park, Seong Jin; Kim, Hyungmo; Jung, Im DooARTICLE220
2021-10-29AI Augmented Digital Metal ComponentSeo, Eunhyeok; Sung, Hyokyung; Kim, Hayeol; Kim, Taekyeong; Park, Sangeun; Lee, Minsik; Moon, Seung Ki; Kim, Jung Gi; Chung, Hayoung; Choi, Seong-Kyum; Kim, Namhun; Jung, Im DooCONFERENCE235
2021-12-17AI convergence in 3D PrintingJung, Im DooCONFERENCE371
2021-10-29AI prediction of 3D printed metal mesh structure via wifi signal disturbanceGoo, Young Tak; Auyeskhan, Ulanbek; Kim, Namhun; Jung, Im DooCONFERENCE231
2023-01An ANN-assisted efficient enriched finite element method via the selective enrichment of moment fittingLee, Semin; Kang, Taehun; Jung, Im Doo; Ji, Wooseok; Chung, HayoungARTICLE122
2020-11An electrochromic alarm system for smart contact lensesKim, Moobum; Jung, Im Doo; Kim, Yeongae; Yun, Jeonghun; Gao, Caitian; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Lee, Seok WooARTICLE649
2021-10-29Artificial intelligence for aluminum alloys designPark, Seo Bin; Kayani, Saif Haider; Euh, Kwangjun; Seo, Eun Hyeok; Kim, Ha Yeol; Park, Sangeun; Yadav, Bishnu Nand; Park, Seong Jin; Sung, Hyo Kyung; Jung, Im DooCONFERENCE268
2020-06Artificial intelligence for the prediction of tensile properties by using microstructural parameters in high strength steelsJung, Im Doo; Shin, Da Seul; Kim, Doohee; Lee, Jungsub; Lee, Min Sik; Son, Hye Jin; Reddy, N.S.; Kim, Moobum; Moon, Seung Ki; Kim, Kyung Tae; Yu, Ji-Hun; Kim, Sangshik; Park, Seong Jin; Sung, HyokyungARTICLE352
2021-10-29Convolutional Neural Network for Surface Roughness Predictionin Direct Energy Deposition of Ti-6Al-4V PowderKim, Tae Kyung; Park, Sangeun; Kim, Jungki; Sung, Hyo Kyung; Kim, Hyung Sub; Jung, Im DooCONFERENCE226
2020-11Correlation Between Microstructure and Tensile Properties of STS 316L and Inconel 718 Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting (SLM)Lee, Jungsub; Lee, Minshik; Jung, Im Doo; Choe, Jungho; Yu, Ji-Hun; Kim, Sangshik; Sung, HyokyungARTICLE436
2019-09Correlation Study Between Material Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Iron-Carbon Compacts Using Sensitivity Analysis and Regression ModelShin, Da Seul; Kim, Suk Hyun; Oh, Joo Won; Jung, Im Doo; Yang, Woo Seok; Lee, Chi Hun; Kwon, Hyeok Joon; Koo, Jin Mo; Park, Seong JinARTICLE292
2019-05-16Customized Redesign for Additive Manufactured ProductsMoon, S. K.; Jung, Im Doo; Yang, S.CONFERENCE200
2020-01Densification and Magnetic Properties of Injection Molded Gas- and Water-Atomized Fe-Si Alloys and Effect of Fe-10.2 wt% P AdditionShin, Da Seul; Oh, Joo Won; Jung, Im Doo; Kim, Hwi Jun; Lee, Min Woo; Noh, Goo Won; Yang, Woo Seok; Park, Seong JinARTICLE342
2018-05Densifying method in additive manufacturing process of H13 tool steel: Laser re-meltingChoe, Jungho; Jung, Im Doo; Yun, Jaecheol; Yang, Sangsun; Yu, Ji-Hun; Yang, Dong-Yeol; Kim, Yong-JinCONFERENCE289
2018-01Development of powder injection molding process for sintered soft magnet with the addition of Fe-17 at.% P powderShin, Da Seul; Jung, Im Doo; Kim, Hwi Jun; Park, Seong JinARTICLE311
2020-11-04Digital Metal Components Manufacturing via 3D PrintingJung, Im DooCONFERENCE229
Showing results 1 to 20 of 67