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2020-02A comprehensive approach to flow-based seismic risk analysis of water transmission networkYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE144
2018-10A comprehensive framework for seismic risk assessment of urban water transmission networksYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE507
2013-03-10A hybrid electromagnetic energy harvesting device for low frequency vibrationJung, Hyung-Jo; Kim, In-Ho; Min, DongYi; Sim, Sung-Han; Koo, Jeong-HoiCONFERENCE43
2014-05A new multi-objective approach to finite element model updatingJin, Seung-Seop; Cho, Soojin; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Lee, Jong-Jae; Yun, Chung BangARTICLE959
2014-02A wireless smart sensor network for automated monitoring of cable tensionSim, Sung-Han; Li, Jian; Jo, Hongki; Park, Jong-Woong; Cho, Soojin; Billie, F Spencer Jr; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE702
2020-08Accelerated Monte Carlo analysis of flow-based system reliability through artificial neural network-based surrogate modelsYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE181
2015-10Adaptive reference updating for vibration-based structural health monitoring under varying environmental conditionsJin, Seung-Seop; Cho, Soojin; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE889
2013-08Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed BridgeCho, Soojin; Yim, Jinsuk; Shin, Sung Woo; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Yun, Chung-Bang; Wang, Ming L.ARTICLE944
2019-07-20Computer-aided seismic reliability analysis of critical infrastructure: smart water networkYoon, Suksik; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE53
2013-07Development of a wireless displacement measurement system using acceleration responsesPark, Jang-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Billie Jr, SpencerARTICLE819
2015-03Development of temperature-robust damage factor based on sensor fusion for a wind turbine structurePark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Yi, Jin-Hak; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE655
2013-12Displacement Estimation Using Multimetric Data FusionPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE815
2012-12-05Dynamic displacement estimation from acceleration measurements using a wireless smart sensorPark, JongWoong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Spencer Jr, Billie F.CONFERENCE47
2013-09Field application of elasto-magnetic stress sensors for monitoring of cable tension force in cable-stayed bridgesYim, Jinsuk; Wang, Ming L.; Shin, Sung Woo; Yun, Chung Bang; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Kim, Jeong-Tae; Eem, Seung-HyunARTICLE906
2020-04Flow-based optimal system design of urban water transmission network under seismic conditionsYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE141
2021-01Flow-based seismic risk assessment of a water transmission network employing probabilistic seismic hazard analysisYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE64
2019-12-10Optimal decision-making on pipeline sizes of water networks under seismic conditionsYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoCONFERENCE92
2019-09-20Optimal system design of urban water transmission network for seismic performance enhancementYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoCONFERENCE64
2010-07Structural health monitoring of a cable-stayed bridge using smart sensor technology: deployment and evaluationJang, Shinae; Jo, Hongki; Cho, Soojin; Mechitov, Kirill; Rice, Jennifer A.; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Yun, Chung Bang; Spencer, Billie F., Jr.; Agha, GulARTICLE1968
2016-10Traffic Safety Evaluation for Railway Bridges Using Expanded Multisensor Data FusionPark, Jong-Woong; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Spencer, Billie F.ARTICLE689
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22