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2017-10A Comparison Study for Chloride-Binding Capacity between Alkali-Activated Fly Ash and Slag in the Use of SeawaterJun, Yubin; Yoon, Seyoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE628
2018-04A study of thermal decomposition of phases in cementitious systems using HT-XRD and TGSong, Haemin; Jeong, Yeonung; Bae, Sungchul; Jun, Yubin; Yoon, Seyoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE633
2014-07Characterization of geopolymers from compositionally and physically different Class F fly ashesOh, Jae Eun; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, YeonungARTICLE623
2017-11Effects of CaCl2 on hydration and properties of lime(CaO)-activated slag/fly ash binderYum, Woo Sung; Jeong, Yeonung; Yoon, Seyoon; Jeon, Dongho; Jun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE586
2019-08Influence of calcium and sodium nitrate on the strength and reaction products of the CaO-activated GGBFS systemYum, Woo Sung; Suh, Jung-Il; Sim, Sungwon; Yoon, Seyoon; Jun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE213
2016-01Influence of four additional activators on hydrated-lime [Ca(OH)(2)] activated ground granulated blast-furnace slagJeong, Yeonung; Oh, Jae Eun; Jun, Yubin; Park, Jongnam; Ha, Ju-hyung; Sohn, Seok GyuARTICLE917
2016-09Influence of slag characteristics on strength development and reaction products in a CaO-activated slag systemJeong, Yeonung; Park, Hyeoneun; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, Jae Hong; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE786
2015-09Influence of the structural modification of polycarboxylate copolymer with a low dispersing ability on the set-retarding of Portland cementJun, Yubin; Jeong, Yeonung; Oh, Jae Eun; Park, Jongnam; Ha, Ju-hyung; Sohn, Seok GyuARTICLE1119
2014-02Mechanical and microstructural dissimilarities in alkali-activation for six Class F Korean fly ashesJun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE587
2018-06Mechanical Properties of Na2CO3-Activated High-Volume GGBFS Cement PasteKim, Taewan; Jun, YubinARTICLE343
2015-01Microstructural and strength improvements through the use of Na2CO3 in a cementless Ca(OH)2-activated Class F fly ash systemJeon, Dongho; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, Yeonung; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE945
2015-09Microstructural characterization of alkali-activation of six korean class F fly ashes with different geopolymeric reactivity and their zeolitic precursors with various mixture designsJun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE899
2015-10Microstructural verification of the strength performance of ternary blended cement systems with high volumes of fly ash and GGBFSJeong, Yeonung; Park, Hyeoneun; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, Jae-Hong; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE683
2016-05Phase Changes of Monosulfoaluminate in NaCl Aqueous SolutionYoon, Seyoon; Ha, Juyoung; Chae, Sejung Roise; Kilcoyne, David A; Jun, Yubin; Oh, Jae Eun; Monteiro, Paulo J.M.ARTICLE614
2016-09Production of price-competitive bricks using a high volume of stone powder sludge waste and blast furnace slag through cementless CaO activationPark, Hyeoneun; Jeong, Yeonung; Jun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE604
2016-04Strength enhancement and pore-size refinement in clinker-free CaO-activated GGBFS systems through substitution with gypsumPark, Hyeoneun; Jeong, Yeonung; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, Jae-Hong; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE782
2017-08Synthesis of structural binder for red brick production based on red mud and fly ash activated using Ca(OH)2 and Na2CO3Kim, Soon Yong; Jun, Yubin; Jeon, Dongho; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE823
2015-03The importance of the network-modifying element content in fly ash as a simple measure to predict its strength potential for alkali-activationOh, Jae Eun; Jun, Yubin; Jeong, Yeonung; Monteiro, Paulo J.M.ARTICLE689
2013-12Use of CaO as an activator for producing a price-competitive non-cement structural binder using ground granulated blast furnace slagKim, Min Sik; Jun, Yubin; Lee, Changha; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE711
2015-06Use of Gypsum as a Preventive Measure for Strength Deterioration during Curing in Class F Fly Ash Geopolymer SystemJun, Yubin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE623
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23