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Lim, Taejung

Thesis Issue Date2022-02 View10

Cheon, Jae Yeong

Thesis Issue Date2016-02 View14

Lee, JegonLim, June SungSeo, BoraJoo, Sang Hoon

Article Issue Date2023-12 View4

Kim, Jae Hyung

Thesis Issue Date2020-08 View12

Woo, Jinwoo

Thesis Issue Date2021-08 View10

Sa, Young Jin

Thesis Issue Date2018-02 View6

Lim, June SungJoo, Sang Hoon

Article Issue Date2023-08 View4

Kim, Ho Young

Thesis Issue Date2020-08 View9

Seo, Bora

Thesis Issue Date2018-02 View3

Baek, Du San

Thesis Issue Date2021-08 View10

Kim, Jinjong

Thesis Issue Date2023-02 View9

Ryu, Ja-HyoungOh, Joon YongL. PalanikumarKim, Han SolKim, HoyoungJoo, Sang HoonKang, Sebyung

Conference Paper Issue Date2016-03-25 View4