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2012-05A decentralized spectrum allocation and partitioning scheme for a two-tier macro-femtocell network with downlink beamformingRyoo, Sunheui; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE628
2006-03A hybrid active queue management for stability and fast adaptationJoo, Changhee; Bahk, Saewoong; Lumetta, Steven S.ARTICLE584
2017-05-03A Novel Coupled Queueing Model to Control Traffic via QoS-Aware Collision Pricing in Cognitive Radio NetworksJoo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.CONFERENCE55
2016-06-27A Reliable and Scalable Broadcast Protocol for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks Using Subcarrier-Level Tone-SignalsKang, Daeho; Jeong, Seungbeom; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongCONFERENCE55
2012-03-26A Simple Asymptotically Optimal Energy Allocation and Routing Scheme in Rechargeable Sensor NetworksChen, Shengbo; Sinha, Orasun; Shroff, Ness B.; Joo, ChangheeCONFERENCE56
2014-08A Simple Asymptotically Optimal Joint Energy Allocation and Routing Scheme in Rechargeable Sensor NetworksSinha, Prasun; Shroff, Ness B; Chen, Shengbo; Joo, ChangheeARTICLE732
2007-02Active queue management algorithm considering queue and load statesHong, Jaesung; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE616
2014-05Address-free contention in wireless access networks with common control channel for throughput improvementKang, Daeho; Park, Sangkyu; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE723
2001-07Analysis of start-up transition dynamics of TCP NewRenoJoo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE541
2015-05Challenges for Efficient and Seamless Space-Terrestrial Heterogeneous NetworksJihwan P. Choi; Joo, ChangheeARTICLE633
2017-10-18Combinatorial multi-armed bandits in cognitive radio networks: A brief overviewKang, Sunjung; Joo, ChangheeCONFERENCE65
2018-04-30Content Sponsoring with Inter-ISP Transit CostSatybaldy, Abylay; Joo, ChangheeCONFERENCE65
2014-02-06Cross-layer optimization for satellite-terrestrial heterogeneous networksChoi, Jihwan P.; Joo, ChangheeCONFERENCE44
2019-01Delay Performance of Cut-through Switching: A Queueing-Based ApproximationJoo, Changhee; Lee, SeunghyunARTICLE148
2011-04-11Delay-Based Back-Pressure Scheduling in Multi-Hop Wireless NetworksJi. Bo; Joo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.CONFERENCE38
2013-10Delay-based back-pressure scheduling in multihop wireless networksJi, Bo; Joo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE656
2013-06Distributed CSMA Algorithms for Link Scheduling in Multihop MIMO Networks Under SINR ModelQian, Dajun; Zheng, Dong; Zhang, Junshan; Shroff, Ness B.; Joo, ChangheeARTICLE858
2016-06Distributed Greedy Approximation to Maximum Weighted Independent Set for Scheduling With Fading ChannelsJoo, Changhee; Lin, Xiaojun; Ryu, Jiho; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE555
2013-07-29Distributed Greedy approximation to Maximum Weighted Independent Set for scheduling with fading channelsJoo, Changhee; Lin, Xiaojun; Ryu, Jiho; Shroff, Ness B.CONFERENCE57
2014-08Distributed link scheduling under SINR model in multihop wireless networksChoi, Jin-Ghoo; Joo, Changhee; Zhang, Junshan; Shroff, Ness BARTICLE885
Showing results 1 to 20 of 80