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2013-09Facile synthesis of hybrid graphene and carbon nanotubes as a metal-free electrocatalyst with active dual interfaces for efficient oxygen reduction reactionLee, Jang-Soo; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Yun, Taeyeong; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE960
2014-11Functional polyelectrolyte nanospaced MoS2 multilayers for enhanced photoluminescenceJoo, Piljae; Jo, Kiyoung; Ahn, Gwanghyun; Voiry, Damien; Jeong, Hu Young; Ryu, Sunmin; Chhowalla, Manish; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE899
2012-04-12Graphene-doped Conducting Polymers for Pseudocapacitance with a Miscible Electron Transfer InterfaceLee, Myeong-Hee; Hwang, Ryo-Yoon; Park, Ok Kyung; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Byeong-Su; Song, Hyun-KonCONFERENCE123
2022-06High-Density, Localized Quantum Emitters in Strained 2D SemiconductorsKim, Gwangwoo; Kim, Hyong Min; Kumar, Pawan; Rahaman, Mahfujur; Stevens, Christopher E.; Jeon, Jonghyuk; Jo, Kiyoung; Kim, Kwan-Ho; Trainor, Nicholas; Zhu, Haoyue; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok; Stach, Eric A.; Hendrickson, Joshua R.; Glavin, Nicholas R.; Suh, Joonki; Redwing, Joan M.; Jariwala, DeepARTICLE24
2014-01Kinetically enhanced pseudocapacitance of conducting polymer doped with reduced graphene oxide through a miscible electron transfer interfacePark, Han-Saem; Lee, Myeong-Hee; Hwang, RyeoYun; Park, Ok-Kyung; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE1015
2015-02Photoluminescence in MoS2 Multilayers with Functional Polyelectrolyte NanospacingKim, Byeong-Su; Jo, KiyoungMaster's thesis1657
2011-03Stable Aqueous Dispersion of Reduced Graphene Nanosheets via Non-Covalent Functionalization with Conducting Polymers and Application in Transparent ElectrodesJo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Choi, Hyun Jung; Park, Ju Hyun; Lee, Dong Jun; Lee, Dong Wook; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE877
2015-10-29Ultrathin Supercapacitor Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Assembled with Photo-Crosslinkable Polymer: Conversion of Electrochemical Operating Principle Upon Photo-CrosslinkingKim, Byeong-Su; Gu, Minsu; Jo, KiyoungCONFERENCE123
2015-11Ultrathin Supercapacitor Electrode Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Assembled with Photo-Cross-Linkable Polymer: Conversion of Electrochemical Kinetics in Ultrathin FilmsJo, Kiyoung; Gu, Minsu; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE811
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9