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2017-07Bioinspired Transparent Laminated Composite Film for Flexible Green OptoelectronicsLee, Daewon; Lim, Young-Woo; Im, Hyeon-Gyun; Jeong, Seonju; Ji, Sangyoon; Kim, Yong Ho; Choi, Gwang-Mun; Park, Jang-Ung; Lee, Jung-Yong; Jin, Jungho; Bae, Byeong-SooARTICLE482
2011-08Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells Through the Use of 4-Fluorobenzonitrile as an AdditiveWoo, Sungho; Kwon, Hyeok Yong; Jeong, Seonju; Lee, Sang Ju; Park, Lee Soon; Kim, Youngkyoo; Han, Yoon SooARTICLE542
2017-12Experimental and simulation studies for reaction enhancement of catalytic CF4 hydrolysis by consecutive HF removal using a multi-stage catalyst-adsorbent reactorHan, Jae-Yun; Kim, Chang-Hyun; Lee, Boreum; Jeong, Seonju; Lim, Hankwon; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ryi, Shin-KunARTICLE287
2008-04Luminous, fully aliphatic polyamides: Multicolor photoluminescence, their pH and solvent dependencyJeong, Seonju; Kwak, Giseop; Takagi, Akiko; Fujiki, Michiya; Lee, Dong-ho; Park, Lee Soon; Yoon, Keun-byoungARTICLE488
2017-06Preliminary techno-economic analysis of a multi-bed series reactor as a simultaneous CF4 abatement and utilization processLee, Boreum; Jeong, Seonju; Lee, Sunggeun; Jung, Ho-Young; Ryi, Shin-Kun; Lim, HankwonARTICLE198
2019-12Removal of volatile organic compounds from air using activated carbon impregnated cellulose acetate electrospun matsPatil, Kashyap; Jeong, Seonju; Lim, Hankwon; Byun, Hun-Soo; Han, SangilARTICLE17
2009-01Synthesis and Electro-Optical Properties of 9,10-Substituted Anthracene Derivatives for Flexible OLED DevicesHan, Yoon Soo; Jeong, Seonju; Ryu, Sang Chul; Park, Eun Jung; Lyu, Eon Joo; Kwak, Giseop; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE531
2018-04Techno-economic analysis: Ethane steam reforming in a membrane reactor with H-2 selectivity effect and profitability analysisJeong, Seonju; Kim, Sehwa; Lee, Boreum; Ryi, Shin-Kun; Lim, HankwonARTICLE297
2015-12Toward Perfect Light Trapping in Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells: Full Utilization of the Dual Characteristics of LightCho, Changsoon; Jeong, Seonju; Choi, Hwan-Jin; Shin, Nara; Kim, BongSoo; Jeon, Eun-chae; Lee, Jung-YongARTICLE268
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9