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2008-10Chemical state and atomic structure of Ge2Sb2Te5 system for nonvolatile phase-change random access memoryJung, Min-Cherl; Kim, Ki-Hong; Lee, Young-Mi; Eom, Jae-Hyeon; Im, Jino; Yoon, Young-Gui; Ihm, Jisoon; Song, Se Ahn; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Shin, Hyun-JoonARTICLE156
2012-02Cost-Effective Silicon Vertical Diode Switch for Next-Generation Memory DevicesLee, Kong-Soo; Han, Jae-Jong; Lim, Hanjin; Nam, Seokwoo; Chung, Chilhee; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Park, Hyunho; Jeong, Hanwook; Choi, ByoungdeogARTICLE159
2017-04Evolution of crystal structures in GeTe during phase transitionJeong, Kwangsik; Park, Seungjong; Park, Dambi; Ahn, Min; Han, Jeonghwa; Yang, Wonjun; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Cho, Mann-HoARTICLE191
2015-09Evolution of the surface state in Bi2Se2Te thin films during phase transitionChoi, Hyejin; Kim, Tae Hyeon; Chae, Jimin; Baeck, Juheyuck; Kee, Chul-Sik; Jeong, Kwang-Ho; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kang, Chul; Cho, Mann-HoARTICLE177
2005-04Ge(2)Sb(2)Te(5) confined structures and integration of 64Mb phase-change random access memoryYeung, Fai; Ahn, Su-Jin; Hwang, Young-Nam; Jeong, Chang-Wook; Song, Yoon-Jong; Lee, Su-Youn; Lee, Se-Ho; Ryoo, Kyung-Chang; Park, Jae-Hyun; Shin, Jae-Min; Jeong, Won-Cheol; Kim, Young-Tae; Koh, Gwan-Hyeob; Jeong, Gi-Tae; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, KinamARTICLE145
2006-04Highly reliable ring-type contact for high-density phase change memoryJeong, Chang-Wook; Ahn, Su-Jin; Hwang, Young-Nam; Song, Yoon-Jong; Oh, Jac-Hee; Lee, Su-Youn; Lee, Se-Ho; Ryoo, Kyung-Chang; Park, Jong-Hyun; Park, Jae-Hyun; Shin, Jac-Min; Yeung, Fai; Jeong, Won-Cheol; Kim, Jeong-In; Koh, Gwan-Hyeob; Jeong, Gi-Tae; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, KinamARTICLE157
2015-09Laser irradiation-induced modification of the amorphous phase in GeTe films: the role of intermediate Ge-Te bonding in the crystallization mechanismPark, Seung Jong; Park, Hanjin; Jang, Moon Hyung; Ahn, Min; Yang, Won Jun; Han, Jeong Hwa; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, Cheol-Woon; Kwon, Young-Kyun; Cho, Mann-HoARTICLE183
2007-04Ring contact electrode process for high density phase change random access memoryRyoo, Kyung-Chang; Song, Yoon Jong; Shin, Jae-Min; Park, Sang-Su; Lim, Dong-Won; Kim, Jae-Hyun; Park, Woon-Ik; Sim, Ku-Ri; Jeong, Ji-Hyun; Kang, Dae-Hwan; Kong, Jun-Hyuck; Jeong, Chang-Wook; Oh, Jae-Hee; Park, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Jeong-In; Oh, Yong-Tae; Kim, Ji-Sun; Eun, Seong-Ho; Lee, Kwang-Woo; Koh, Seong-Pil; Fai, Yung; Koh, Gwan-Hyob; Jeong, Gi-Tae; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, KinamARTICLE175
2005-04Robust three-metallization back end of line process for 0.18 mu m embedded ferroelectric random access memoryKang, Seung-Kuk; Rhie, Hyoung-Seub; Kim, Hyun-Ho; Koo, Bon-Jae; Joo, Heung-Jin; Park, Jung-Hun; Kang, Young-Min; Choi, Do-Hyun; Lee, Sung-Young; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, KinamARTICLE147
2007-04Robust two-dimensional stack capacitor technologies for 64 Mbit one-transistor-one-capacitor ferroelectric random access memoryJung, Ju-Young; Joo, Heung-Jin; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kang, Seuno-Kuk; Kim, Hwi-San; Choi, Do-Yeon; Kim, Jai-Hyun; Lee, Eun-Sun; Hong, Young-Ki; Kim, Hyun-Ho; Jung, Dong-Jin; Kang, Young-Min; Lee, Sung-Yung; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kim, KinamARTICLE180
2010-04-26Selective epitaxial growth of silicon layer using batch-type equipment for vertical diode application for next generation memoriesLee, Kong-Soo; Yoo, Dae-Han; Yoo, Young-Sub; Han, Jae-Jong; Kim, Seok-Sik; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Kang, Chang-Jin; Moon, Joo-Tae; Park, Hyunho; Jeong, Hanwook; Kim, Kwang-Ryul; Choi, ByoungdeogCONFERENCE62
2016-01Thermal and Electrical Conduction of Single-crystal Bi2Te3 Nanostructures grown using a one step processPark, Dambi; Park, Sungjin; Jeong, Kwangsik; Jeong, Hong-Sik; Song, Jea Yong; Cho, Mann-HoARTICLE191
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