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2021-02Development of Layered Perovskites as high-performance cathodes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel CellsKim, Guntae; Jeong, DonghwiDoctoral thesis11
2019-06-17Investigation of Cathode Microstructure on Highly Efficient Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells with PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+δSeong, Arim; Joo, Sangwook; Kwon, Ohhun; Jeong, Donghwi; Kim, Hyunmin; Lee, Seungtae; Hwang, Hyojae; Kim, GuntaeCONFERENCE84
2019-01Investigation of the Fe doping effect on the B-site of the layered perovskite PrBa0.8Ca0.2Co2O5+δ for a promising cathode material of the intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cellsLim, Chaehyun; Sengodan, Sivaprakash; Jeong, Donghwi; Shin, Jeeyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE674
2018-11Scandium Doping Effect on a Layered Perovskite Cathode for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (LT-SOFCs)Jeong, Donghwi; Kim, Junyoung; Kwon, Ohhun; Lim, Chaehyun; Sengodan, Sivaprakash; Shin, Jeeyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE381
2017-08Structural, Electrical, and Electrochemical Characteristics of LnBa(0.5)Sr(0.5)Co(1.5)Fe(0.5)O(5+delta) (Ln=Pr, Sm, Gd) as Cathode Materials in Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel CellsJeong, Donghwi; Jun, Areum; Ju, Young-Wan; Hyodo. Junji; Shin, Jeeyoung; Ishihara, Tatsumi; Lim, Tak-Hyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE369
2018-12고체산화물 연료전지와 양성자 전도성 세라믹 물질의 응용Jeong, Donghwi; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE498
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6