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Kyung, GyouhyungYi, JIm, JJeon, SLee, KLee, SJang, HGo, H

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Jeon, SGranick, S

Article Issue Date2001-11 View11

Kojio, KJeon, SGranick, S

Article Issue Date2002-05 View5

Jeon, SPark, Jang-UngCirelli, RYang, SHeitzman, CEBraun, PVKenis, PJARogers, JA

Article Issue Date2004-08 View3

Jeon, SGranick, SKwon, KWChar, K

Article Issue Date2002-12 View5

Jeon, SGranick, S

Article Issue Date2004-04 View3

Jeon, SKim, SPark, JBSuh, Pann-GhillKim, YSBae, CDPark, J

Article Issue Date2002-05 View4

Jeon, SGranick, S

Article Issue Date2004-05 View0

Jeon, SMenard, EPark, Jang-UngMaria, JMeitl, MZaumseil, JRogers, JA

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Jeon, SKang, Hyun-Wook

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