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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2023-02A Design Space Evaluation of Replay-based Continual Learning with Memory SwappingJeon, Myeongjae; Jeong, SuyeonMaster's thesis188
2013-04-15Adaptive parallelism for web searchJeon, Myeongjae; He, Yuxiong; Elnikety, Sameh; Cox, Alan L.; Rixner, ScottCONFERENCE333
2019-07-10Analysis of Large-Scale Multi-Tenant GPU Clusters for DNN Training WorkloadsJeon, Myeongjae; Venkataraman, Shivaram; Phanishayee, Amar; Qian, Junjie; Xiao, Wencong; Yang, FanCONFERENCE335
2020-04-20Approximate Quantiles for Datacenter Telemetry MonitoringGangmuk Lim; Mohamed Hassan; Ze Jin; Stavros Volos; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE504
2022-07-14CarM: Hierarchical Episodic Memory for Continual LearningLee, Soobee; Weerakoon, Minindu; Choi, Jonghyun; Zhang, Minjia; Wang, Di; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE980
2007-11-22Domain Level Page Sharing in Xen Virtual Machine SystemsSeo, Euiseong; Lee, Joonwon; Kim, Junghyun; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE262
2007-11-22Domain Level Page Sharing in Xen Virtual Machine SystemsJeon, Myeongjae; Seo, Euiseong; Kim, Junghyun; Lee, JoowonCONFERENCE259
2011-04Energy Reduction in Consolidated Servers through Memory-Aware Virtual Machine SchedulingJang, Jae-Wan; Jeon, Myeongjae; Kim, Hyo-Sil; Jo, Heeseung; Kim, Jin-Soo; Maeng, SeungryoulARTICLE707
2008-08-26Guest-Aware Priority-Based Virtual Machine Scheduling for Highly Consolidated ServerKim, Dongsung; Kim, Hwanju; Jeon, Myeongjae; Seo, Euiseong; Lee, JoonwonCONFERENCE344
2022-05-12Jarvis: Large-scale Server Monitoring with Adaptive Near-data ProcessingAtul Sandur; ChanHo Park; Stavros Volos; Gul Agha; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE1751
2010-07Log' version vector: Logging version vectors concisely in dynamic replicationRoh, Hyun-Gul; Jeon, Myeongjae; Seo, Euiseong; Kim, Jinsoo; Lee, JoonwonARTICLE1263
2010-08-20Measurement, modeling, and analysis of a large-scale blog sever workloadJeon, Myeongjae; Hwang, Jeaho; Kim, Youngjae; Jang, Jae-Wan; Lee, Joonwon; Seo, EuiseongCONFERENCE254
2022-07-12Memory Harvesting in Multi-GPU Systems with Hierarchical Unified Virtual MemoryChoi, Sangjin; Kim, Taeksoo; Jeong, Jinwoo; Ausavarungnirun, Rachata; Jeon, Myeongjae; Kwon, Youngjin; Ahn, JeongseobCONFERENCE987
2014-07-06Predictive parallelization: taming tail latencies in web searchJeon, Myeongjae; Kim, Saehoon; Hwang, Seung-won; He, Yuxiong; Elmikety, Sameh; Cox, Alan L.; Rixner, ScottCONFERENCE248
2022-02Redesigning Data Loading Pipeline to Mitigate Straggler Effects in Distributed DNN TrainingJeon, Myeongjae; Park, ChanhoMaster's thesis1249
2013-12Reducing DRAM Row Activations with Eager Read/Write ClusteringJeon, Myeongjae; Li, Conglong; Cox, Alan L.; Rixner, ScottARTICLE730
2021-04-19Reliability of Large Scale GPU Clusters for Deep Learning WorkloadsQian, Junjie; Kim, Taeyoon; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE382
2011-03Replicated abstract data types: Building blocks for collaborative applicationsRoh, Hyun-Gul; Jeon, Myeongjae; Kim, Jin-Soo; Lee, JoonwonARTICLE722
2022-07-11Sibylla: To Retry or Not To Retry on Deep Learning Job FailureKim, Taeyoon; Jeong, Suyeon; Lee, Jongseop; Lee, Soobee; Jeon, MyeongjaeCONFERENCE981
2016-06-06SSD Failures in Datacenters: What? When? and Why?Narayanan, Iyswarya; Wang, Di; Jeon, Myeongjae; Sharma, Bikash; Caulfield, Laura; Sivasubramaniam, Anand; Cutler, Ben; Liu, Jie; Khessib, Badriddine; Vaid, KushagraCONFERENCE258
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30