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2020-02Androgen-induced expression of DRP1 regulates mitochondrial metabolic reprogramming in prostate cancerLee, Yu Geon; Nam, Yeji; Shin, Kyeong Jin; Yoon, Sora; Park, Weon Seo; Joung, Jae Young; Seo, Jeong Kon; Jang, Jinho; Lee, Semin; Nam, Dougu; Caino, M. Cecilia; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Chae, Young ChanARTICLE871
2022-08Bioinformatic study of drug response in cancerLee, smein; Jang, JinhoDoctoral thesis2367
2022-11Cellular plasticity and immune microenvironment of malignant pleural effusion are associated with EGFR-TKI resistance in non-small-cell lung carcinomaJeong, Hyoung-oh; Lee, Hayoon; Kim, Hyemin; Jang, Jinho; Kim, Seunghoon; Hwang, Taejoo; Choi, David Whee-Young; Kim, Hong Sook; Lee, Naeun; Lee, Yoo Mi; Park, Sehhoon; Jung, Hyun Ae; Sun, Jong-Mu; Ahn, Jin Seok; Ahn, Myung-Ju; Park, Keunchil; Lee, Semin; Lee, Se-HoonARTICLE447
2020-06Flightless-1 inhibits ER stress-induced apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells by regulating Ca2+ homeostasisChoi, Sun Sil; Lee, Sang Kwon; Kim, Joong Kwan; Park, Hye-Kyung; Lee, Eujin; Jang, Jinho; Lee, Yo Han; Khim, Keon Woo; Hyun, Ji-Min; Eom, Hye-jin; Lee, Semin; Kang, Byoung Heon; Chae, Young Chan; Myung, Kyungjae; Myung, Seung-Jae; Park, Chan Young; Choi, Jang HyunARTICLE955
2020-05Korean Genome Project: 1,094 Korean personal genomes with clinical informationJeon, Sungwon; Bhak, Youngjune; Choi, Yeonsong; Jeon, Yeonsu; Kim, Seunghoon; Jang, Jaeyoung; Jang, Jinho; Blazyte, Asta; Kim, Changjae; Kim, Yeonkyung; Shim, Jungae; Kim, Nayeong; Kim, Yeo Jin; Park, Seung Gu; Kim, Jungeun; Cho, Yun Sung; Park, Yeshin; Kim, Hak-Min; Kim, Byoung-Chul; Park, Neung-Hwa; Shin, Eun-Seok; Kim, Byung Chul; Bolser, Dan; Manica, Andrea; Edwards, Jeremy S; Church, George; Lee, Semin; Bhak, JongARTICLE1337
2018-04KoVariome: Korean National Standard Reference Variome database of whole genomes with comprehensive SNV, indel, CNV, and SV analysesKim, Jungeun; Weber, Jessica A.; Jho, Sungwoong; Jang, Jinho; Jun, JeHoon; Cho, Yun Sung; Kim, Hak-Min; Kim, Hyunho; Kim, Yumi; Chung, OkSung; Kim, Chang Geun; Lee, HyeJin; Kim, Byung Chul; Han, Kyudong; Koh, InSong; Chae, Kyun Shik; Lee, Semin; Edwards, Jeremy S.; Bhak, JongARTICLE1168
2021-10Loss of BubR1 acetylation provokes replication stress and leads to complex chromosomal rearrangementsPark, Jiho; Yeu, Song Y.; Paik, Sangjin; Kim, Hyungmin; Choi, Si-Young; Lee, Junyeop; Jang, Jinho; Lee, Semin; Koh, Youngil; Lee, HyunsookARTICLE641
2021-08Microbiome of Saliva and Plaque in Children According to Age and Dental Caries ExperienceLee, Eungyung; Park, Suhyun; Um, Sunwoo; Kim, Seunghoon; Lee, Jaewoong; Jang, Jinho; Jeong, Hyoung-oh; Shin, Jonghyun; Kang, Jihoon; Lee, Semin; Jeong, TaesungARTICLE604
2018-09Potential involvement of Drosophila flightless-1 in carbohydrate metabolismPark, Jung-Eun; Jang, Jinho; Lee, Eun Ji; Kim, Su Jung; Yoo, Hyun Ju; Lee, Semin; Kang, Min-JiARTICLE925
2020-11Prediction of Chronic Periodontitis Severity Using Machine Learning Models Based On Salivary Bacterial Copy NumberKim, Eun-Hye; Kim, Seunghoon; Kim, Hyun-Joo; Jeong, Hyoung-oh; Lee, Jaewoong; Jang, Jinho; Joo, Ji-Young; Shin, Yerang; Kang, Jihoon; Park, Ae Kyung; Lee, Ju-Youn; Lee, SeminARTICLE593
2023-01RAMP: response-aware multi-task learning with contrastive regularization for cancer drug response predictionLee, Kanggeun; Cho, Dongbin; Jang, Jinho; Choi, Kang; Jeong, Hyoung-oh; Seo, Jiwon; Jeong, Won-Ki; Lee, SeminARTICLE1409
2021-07Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals distinct cellular factors for response to immunotherapy targeting CD73 and PD-1 in colorectal cancerKim, Miok; Min, Yong Ki; Jang, Jinho; Park, Hyejin; Lee, Semin; Lee, Chang HoonARTICLE945
2023-11Single-cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Novel Cellular Factors for Response to Immunosuppressive Therapy in Aplastic AnemiaJang, Jinho; Kim, Hongtae; Park, Sung-Soo; Kim, Miok; Min, Yong Ki; Jeong, Hyoung-oh; Kim, Seunghoon; Hwang, Taejoo; Choi, David Whee-Young; Kim, Hee-Je; Song, Sukgil; Kim, Dong Oh; Lee, Semin; Lee, Chang Hoon; Lee, Jong WookARTICLE27
2020-11Treatment strategy for papillary renal cell carcinoma type 2: a case series of seven patients treated based on next generation sequencing dataKim, Ji-Yeon; Jeong, Hyoung-Oh; Heo, Dae Seog; Keam, Bhumsuk; Moon, Kyung Chul; Kwak, Cheol; Jang, Jinho; Kim, Seunghoon; Kim, Jong-Il; Lee, Semin; Lee, Se-HoonARTICLE596
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14