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2020-03Direct Demonstration of Topological Stability of Magnetic Skyrmions via Topology ManipulationJe, Soong-Geun; Han, Hee-Sung; Kim, Se Kwon; Montoya, Sergio A.; Chao, Weilun; Hong, Ik-Sun; Fullerton, Eric E.; Lee, Ki-Suk; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Im, Mi-Young; Hong, Jung-IlARTICLE5
2019-02Dynamics of the Bloch point in an asymmetric permalloy diskIm, Mi-Young; Han, Hee-Sung; Jung, Min-Seung; Yu, Young-Sang; Lee, Sooseok; Yoon, Seongsoo; Chao, Weilun; Fischer, Peter; Hong, Jung-Il; Lee, Ki-SukARTICLE570
2012-05Logic Operations Based on Magnetic-Vortex-State NetworksJung, Hyunsung; Choi, Youn-Seok; Lee, Ki-Suk; Han, Dong-Soo; Yu, Young-Sang; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE554
2017-10Magnetism of the hypo-oxide state at the diffuse interface between the ferromagnet and antiferromagnet phasesJung, Min-Seung; Im, Mi-Young; Lee, Bong Ho; Kim, Namkyu; Lee, Ki-Suk; Hong, Jung-IlARTICLE338
2010-11Observation of coupled vortex gyrations by 70-ps-time- and 20-nm-space-resolved full-field magnetic transmission soft x-ray microscopyJung, Hyunsung; Yu, Young-Sang; Lee, Ki-Suk; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Bocklage, Lars; Vogel, Andreas; Bolte, Markus; Meier, Guido; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE548
2011-05Polarization-selective vortex-core switching by tailored orthogonal Gaussian-pulse currentsYu, Young-Sang; Lee, Ki-Suk; Jung, Hyunsung; Choi, Youn-Seok; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Han, Dong-Soo; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE527
2013-02Resonant amplification of vortex-core oscillations by coherent magnetic-field pulsesYu, Young-Sang; Han, Dong-Soo; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Lee, Ki-Suk; Choi, Youn-Seok; Jung, Hyunsung; Lee, Jehyun; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE590
2017-02Simultaneous control of magnetic topologies for reconfigurable vortex arraysIm, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Han, Hee-Sung; Vogel, Andreas; Jung, Min-Seung; Chao, Weilun; Yu, Young-Sang; Meier, Guido; Hong, Jung-Il; Lee, Ki-SukARTICLE729
2017-05Spin-orbit torque-driven skyrmion dynamics revealed by time-resolved X-ray microscopyWoo, Seonghoon; Song, Kyung Mee; Han, Hee-Sung; Jung, Min-Seung; Im, Mi-Young; Lee, Ki-Suk; Song, Kun Soo; Fischer, Peter; Hong, Jung-Il; Choi, Jun Woo; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Chang, JoonyeonARTICLE498
2014-12Stochastic formation of magnetic vortex structures in asymmetric disks triggered by chaotic dynamicsIm, Mi-Young; Lee, Ki-Suk; Vogel, Andreas; Hong, Jung-Il; Meier, Guido; Fischer, PeterARTICLE662
2011-08Tunable negligible-loss energy transfer between dipolar-coupled magnetic disks by stimulated vortex gyrationJung, Hyunsung; Lee, Ki-Suk; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Choi, Youn-Seok; Yu, Young-Sang; Han, Dong-Soo; Vogel, Andreas; Bocklage, Lars; Meier, Guido; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE681
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11