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2008-01Antiferromagnetic MnO nanoparticles with ferrimagnetic Mn3O4 shells: Doubly inverted core-shell systemBerkowiz, AE; Rodiguez, GF; Hong, JI; An, Kwangjin; Hyeon, T; Agarwal, N; Smith, DJ; Fullerton, EEARTICLE738
2004-04Designed synthesis of atom-economical Pd/Ni bimetallic nanoparticle-based catalysts for sonogashira coupling reactionsSon, SU; Jang, Y; Park, Jongnam; Na, HB; Park, HM; Yun, HJ; Lee, J; Hyeon, TARTICLE696
2004-06Diameter-controlled synthesis of discrete and uniform-sized single-walled carbon nanotubes using monodisperse iron oxide nanoparticles embedded in zirconia nanoparticle arrays as catalystsHan, SJ; Yu, TK; Park, Jongnam; Koo, B; Joo, J; Hyeon, T; Hong, S; Im, JARTICLE631
2006-02Effect of the casting solvent on the morphology of polystyrene-b-isoprene) diblock copolymer/magnetic nanoparticle mixturesPark, MJ; Char, K; Park, Jongnam; Hyeon, TARTICLE709
2012-05Exchange bias behavior of monodisperse Fe3O4/gamma-Fe2O3 core/shell nanoparticlesHwang, Yosun; Angappane, S; Park, Jongnam; An, Kwangjin; Hyeon, T; Park, Je-GeunARTICLE978
2005-06Generalized synthesis of metal phosphide nanorods via thermal decomposition of continuously delivered metal-phosphine complexes using a syringe pumpPark, Jongnam; Koo, B; Yoon, KY; Hwang, Y; Kang, M; Park, JG; Hyeon, TARTICLE698
2006-05Low-temperature solution-phase synthesis of quantum well structured CdSe nanoribbonsJoo, J; Son, Jae Sung; Kwon, SG; Yu, JH; Hyeon, TARTICLE735
2005-02Monodisperse nanoparticles of Ni and NiO: Synthesis, characterization, self-assembled superlattices, and catalytic applications in the Suzuki coupling reactionPark, Jongnam; Kang, E; Son, SU; Park, HM; Lee, MK; Kim, J; Kim, KW; Noh, HJ; Park, JH; Bae, CJ; Park, JG; Hyeon, TARTICLE1618
2008-07Monodispersed MnO nanoparticles with epitaxial Mn3O4 shellsBerkowiz, AE; Rodriguez, GF; Hong, JI; An, Kwangjin; Hyeon, T; Agarwal, N; Smith, DJ; Fullerton, EEARTICLE692
2004-04Novel synthesis of magnetic Fe2P nanorods from thermal decomposition of continuously delivered precursors using a syringe pumpPark, Jongnam; Koo, JPB; Hwang, Y; Bae, C; An, Kwangjin; Park, JG; Park, HM; Hyeon, TARTICLE745
2005-05One-nanometer-scale size-controlled synthesis of monodisperse magnetic iron oxide nanoparticlesPark, Jongnam; Lee, E; Hwang, NM; Kang, MS; Kim, SC; Hwang, Y; Park, JG; Noh, HJ; Kini, JY; Park, JH; Hyeon, TARTICLE625
2004-11Single and multiple-step dip-coating of colloidal maghemite (gamma-Fe2O3) nanoparticles onto Si, Si3N4, and SiO2 substratesYoon, Tae-Sik; Oh, JH; Park, SH; Kim, V; Jung, BG; Min, SH; Park, Jongnam; Hyeon, T; Kim, KBARTICLE671
2014-02Spin excitations in cubic maghemite nanoparticles studied by time-of-flight neutron spectroscopyDisch, S; Hermann, RP; Wetterskog, E; Podlesnyak, AA; An, Kwangjin; Hyeon, T; Salazar-Alvarez, G; Bergstrom, L; Bruckel, TARTICLE780
2004-04Synthesis of Cu2O coated Cu nanoparticles and their successful applications to Ullmann-type amination coupling reactions of aryl chloridesSon, SU; Park, IK; Park, Jongnam; Hyeon, TARTICLE697
2002-07Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse cobalt ferrite nanocrystalsHyeon, T; Chung, Y; Park, J; Lee, SS; Kim, YW; Park, BHARTICLE655
2001-12Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse maghemite nanocrystallites without a size-selection processHyeon, T; Lee, SS; Park, Jongnam; Chung, Y; Bin Na, HARTICLE627
2003-09Synthesis of monodisperse palladium nanoparticlesKim, SW; Park, Jongnam; Jang, Y; Chung, Y; Hwang, S; Hyeon, T; Kim, YWARTICLE1302
2004-09Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of uniform-sized MnO nanospheres and nanorodsPark, Jongnam; Kang, EA; Bae, CJ; Park, JG; Noh, HJ; Kim, JY; Park, JH; Park, JH; Hyeon, TARTICLE698
2003The effect of silica template structure on the pore structure of mesoporous carbonsHan, S; Lee, Kyu Tae; Oh, SM; Hyeon, TARTICLE664
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19