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2014-04-242D 시뮬레이션을 통한 입사파와 반사파의 위상차 조사Hur, Min Sup; 강태연; 김영국CONFERENCE108
2015-04-22A hybrid Envelope-PIC Code for Fast kinetic simulations of MIRHur, Min Sup; Kang, Taeyeon; Kwon, Gyubin; Choi, MyunghoonCONFERENCE132
2019-11A laser-plasma accelerator driven by two-color relativistic femtosecond laser pulsesLi, Song; Li, Guangyu; Quratul Ain; Hur, Min Sup; Ting, Antonio C.; Kulagin, Victor V.; Kamperidis, Christos; Hafz, Nasr A MARTICLE435
2014-10-29A method of diagnosing magnetized plasmas using Raman scatteringHur, Min Sup; 김영국; 조명훈CONFERENCE141
2008-08A method to measure the electron temperature and density of a laser-produced plasma by Raman scatteringJang, H.; Hur, Min Sup; Lee, J. M.; Cho, M. H.; Namkung, W.; Suk, H.ARTICLE848
2017-04-27A New Method to Obtain Narrowband Emission from Broadband Current using Increased Impedance of Plasma-like MediaHur, Min Sup; Ersfeld, Bernhard; Noble, Adam; Suk, Hyyong; Jaroszynski, Dino A.CONFERENCE143
1998-03A universal characterization of nonlinear self-oscillation and chaos in various particle-wave-wall interactionsLee, HJ; Lee, JK; Hur, Min Sup; Yang, YARTICLE825
2007-08Additional focusing of a high-intensity laser beam in a plasma with a density ramp and a magnetic fieldGupta, Devki Nandan; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE869
2019-08Analytic and numerical study of interactions between charged particles and electromagnetic waves in the classical regimeHur, Min Sup; Kang, TeyounDoctoral thesis562
2017-06Analyzing the effect of slotted foil on radiation pulse profile in a mode locked afterburner X-ray free electron laserKumar S.; Hur, Min Sup; Chung, MosesARTICLE956
2011-04-13Attosecond Concave Flying Electron Mirror Generated from Pulse Shaping in an Overdense PlasmaHur, Min SupCONFERENCE121
2007-05Attosecond relativistic electron beam by using an ultrashort laser pulse and a thin plasma layerKulagin, Victor V.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE897
2006-04Bunching of electron beams by ultra-relativistic laser pulsesKulagin, VV; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H; Cherepenin, VAARTICLE824
2017-08-29Burst of Ultraintense Coherent Radiation fro Colliding Laser Pulses in a PlasmaHur, Min SupCONFERENCE111
2017-04-04Burst of Ultraintense Terahertz Waves from Laser-Plasma InteractionsHur, Min SupCONFERENCE136
2014-10-31Characteristic of Terahertz Radiation from a Counter-Pulse Scheme in a Magnetized PlasmaHur, Min Sup; 김영국; 조명훈CONFERENCE121
2015-08Chirped pulse Raman amplification in warm plasma: towards controlling saturationYang, Xu; Vieux, Gregory; Brunetti, E; Ersfeld, Bernhard; Farmer, John P; Hur, Min Sup; Isaac, RC; Raj, Gaurav; Wiggins, SM; Welsh, GH; Yoffe, Sam R; Jaroszynski, Dino AARTICLE784
2015-08-23Coherent radiation sources based on laser driven plasma wavesJaroszynski, D.A.; Ersfeld, B.; Islam, M.R.; Brunetti, E.; Shanks, R.P.; Grant, P.A.; Tooley, M.P.; Grant, D.W.; Gil, D.R.; Lepipas, P.; McKendrick, G.; Cipiccia, S.; Wiggins, S.M.; Welsh, G.H.; Vieux, G.; Chen, S.; Aniculaesei, C.; Manahan, G.G.; Anania, M.-P.; Noble, A.; Yoffe, S.R.; Raj, G.; Subiel, A.; Yang, X.; Sheng, Z.M.; Hidding, B.; Issac, R.C.; Cho, M.-H.; Hur, Min SupCONFERENCE190
2022-02Coherent terahertz radiation generation by a flattened Gaussian laser beam at a plasma-vacuum interfaceGupta, D. N.; Jain, A.; Kulagin, V. V.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE82
2007-04Comment on "Electron acceleration by a chirped Gaussian laser pulse in vacuum" [Phys. Plasmas 13, 123108 (2006)]Gupta, D. N.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE810
Showing results 1 to 20 of 169