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2002-03beta limiting MHD activity and mode locking in Alcator C-ModSnipes, JA; Granetz, RS; Hastie, RJ; Hubbard, AE; In, Yongkyoon; Mossessian, D; Rice, JE; Ramos, JJ; Schmittdiel, D; Taylor, G; Wolfe, SMARTICLE272
2002-05Double transport barrier experiments on Alcator C-ModWukitch, SJ; Boivin, RL; Bonoli, PT; Fiore, CL; Granetz, RS; Greenwald, MJ; Hubbard, AE; Hutchinson, IH; In, Yongkyoon; Irby, J; Lin, Y; Marmar, ES; Mossessian, D; Porkolab, M; Schilling, G; Rice, JE; Snipes, JA; Wolfe, SMARTICLE284
2001-05Electron cyclotron emission refraction effects during edge-localized modesIn, Yongkyoon; Hubbard, AE; Hutchinson, IHARTICLE256
2000-12Identification of Mercier instabilities in Alcator C-Mod tokamakIn, Y; Ramos, JJ; Hastie, RJ; Catto, PJ; Hubbard, AE; Hutchinson, IH; Marmar, E; Porkolab, M; Snipes, J; Wolfe, S; Taylor, G; Bondeson, AARTICLE277
1998-05Local variables affecting H-mode threshold on alcator C-modHubbard, AE; Boivin, RL; Drake, JF; Greenwald, M; In, Yongkyoon; Irby, JH; Rogers, BN; Snipes, JAARTICLE314
1998-05Measurements of the high confinement anode pedestal region on Alcator C-ModHubbard, AE; Boivin, RL; Granetz, RS; Greenwald, M; Hutchinson, IH; Irby, JH; In, Yongkyoon; Kesner, J; LaBombard, B; Lin, Y; Rice, JE; Pedersen, TS; Snipes, JA; Stek, PC; Takase, Y; Wolfe, SM; Wukitch, SARTICLE286
2000-05Mode conversion electron heating in Alcator C-Mod: Theory and experimentBonoli, PT; Brambilla, M; Nelson-Melby, E; Phillips, CK; Porkolab, M; Schilling, G; Taylor, G; Wukitch, SJ; Boivin, RL; Boswell, CJ; Fiore, CL; Gangadhara, S; Goetz, J; Granetz, R; Greenwald, M; Hubbard, AE; Hutchinson, IH; In, Yongkyoon; Irby, J; LaBombard, B; Lipschultz, B; Marmar, E; Mazurenko, A; Nachtrieb, R; Pappas, D; Pitcher, CS; Reardon, J; Rice, J; Rowan, WL; Snipes, JA; Takase, Y; Terry, J; Wolfe, SMARTICLE312
2001-10Overview of recent alcator C-Mod resultsHutchinson, IH; Boivin, R; Bonoli, PT; Boswell, C; Bravenec, R; Bretz, NL; Chatterjee, R; Chung, T; Eisner, E; Fiore, C; Gangadhara, S; Gentle, K; Goetz, JA; Granetz, RS; Greenwald, MJ; Hosea, JC; Hubbard, AE; Hughes, J; In, Yongkyoon; Irby, J; LaBombard, B; Lin, Y; Lipschultz, B; Maqueda, RJ; Marmar, ES; Mazurenko, A; Mikkelsen, D; Mossessian, D; Nachtrieb, R; Nazikian, R; Nelson-Melby, E; Pappas, D; Parker, RR; Pedersen, TS; Phillips, P; Pitcher, CS; Porkolab, M; Rice, JE; Rowan, W; Schilling, G; Snipes, JA; Taylor, G; Terry, JL; Wilson, JR; Wolfe, SM; Wukitch, SJ; Yuh, H; Zweben, SJ; Acedo, P; Brambilla, M; Carreras, BA; Gandy, R; Hallock, GA; Dorland, W; Johnson, D; Krashennikova, N; Phillips, C; Tutt, T; Watts, C; Umansky, MARTICLE294
2000-08Resistive n=1 modes in reversed magnetic shear Alcator C-Mod plasmasIn, Yongkyoon; Ramos, JJ; Hubbard, AE; Hutchinson, IH; Porkolab, M; Snipes, J; Wolfe, SM; Bondeson, AARTICLE291
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9