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2006-12Ab initio study of the effect of water adsorption on the carbon nanotube field-effect transistorSung, Dongchul; Hong, Suklyun; Kim, Yong-Hoon; Park, Noejung; Kim, Sanghyeob; Maeng, Sung Lyul; Kim, Ki-ChulARTICLE495
2015-06Atomic-scale dynamics of triangular hole growth in monolayer hexagonal boron nitride under electron irradiationRyu, Gyeong Hee; Park, Hyo Ju; Ryou, Junga; Park, Jinwoo; Lee, Jongyeong; Kim, Gwangwoo; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Hong, Suklyun; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE1229
2007-07Computational study of hydrogen storage characteristics of covalent-bonded graphenesPark, Noejung; Hong, Suklyun; Kim, Gyubong; Jhi, Seung-HoonARTICLE429
2012-04Effect of charge-transfer complex on the energy level alignment between graphene and organic moleculesBae, Giyeol; Jung, Hyun; Park, Noejung; Park, Jinwoo; Hong, Suklyun; Park, WanjunARTICLE548
2012-05Enhanced binding strength between metal nanoclusters and carbon nanotubes with an atomic nickel defectSung, Dongchul; Park, Noejung; Kim, Gunn; Hong, SuklyunARTICLE483
2007-02Formation of polybromine anions and concurrent heavy hole doping in carbon nanotubesSung, Dongchul; Park, Noejung; Park, Wanjun; Hong, SuklyunARTICLE494
2016-02High-throughput screening of metal-porphyrin-like graphenes for selective capture of carbon dioxidePark, Minwoo; Bae, Hyeonhu; Jang, Byungryul; Kang, Yura; Park, Jinwoo; Lee, Hosik; Chung, Haegeun; Chung, ChiHye; Hong, Suklyun; Kwon, Yongkyung; Yakobson, Boris I.; Lee, HoonkyungARTICLE545
2005-07Pressure-dependent Schottky barrier at the metal-nanotube contactPark, Noejung; Kang, Donghoon; Hong, Suklyun; Han, SeungwuARTICLE491
2019-04Rapid synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition using liquefied petroleum gas as precursorLee, Imbok; Bae, Dong Jae; Lee, Won Ki; Yang, Cheol-Min; Cho, Sung Won; Nam, Jungtae; Lee, Dong Yun; Jang, A-Rang; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Hong, Suklyun; Kim, Keun SooARTICLE181
2009-02Realistic adsorption geometries and binding affinities of metal nanoparticles onto the surface of carbon nanotubesPark, Noejung; Sung, Dongchul; Lim, Seokho; Moon, Seongho; Hong, SuklyunARTICLE502
2019-11Transport gaps in ideal zigzag-edge graphene nanoribbons with chemical edge disorderLee, Geunsik; Shan, Bin; Svizhenko, Alexei; KC, Santosh; Hong, Suklyun; Cho, KyeongjaeARTICLE35
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11