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2004-06Diameter-controlled synthesis of discrete and uniform-sized single-walled carbon nanotubes using monodisperse iron oxide nanoparticles embedded in zirconia nanoparticle arrays as catalystsHan, SJ; Yu, TK; Park, Jongnam; Koo, B; Joo, J; Hyeon, T; Hong, S; Im, JARTICLE562
2005-07Electronic structure calculations of metal-nanotube contacts with or without oxygen adsorptionPark, Noejung; Hong, SARTICLE557
2015-00Floating Electrode Sensor based on CNT-FET for the Detection of DNAsLee, M; Kim, B; Lee, J; Namgung, Seon; Kim, J; Park, JY; Lee, MS; Hong, SCONFERENCE29
2011-00Formation of Lipid Bilayer Membrane including Ion Channels on GrapheneChoi, JY; Byun, KE; Namgung, Seon; Yang, H; Heo, J; Chung, HJ; Seo, S; Hong, SCONFERENCE36
2006-00Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Patterns for Directed Growth of Mesenchymal Stem CellsPark, SY; Namgung, Seon; Lee, M; Lee, BY; Im, J; Myung, S; Kim, B; Byun, KE; Nam, JM; Hong, S; Kim, J; Park, SY; Lee, KB; Sun, K; Park, YCONFERENCE40
2005-00Massive Nano-Assembly Method for Integrated Device Structures Based on Nanotubes and NanowiresNamgung, Seon; Im, J; Myung, S; Lee, M; Byun, K; Hong, S; Park, J; Seong, MJCONFERENCE31
2005-11Metallization of the semiconducting carbon nanotube by encapsulated bromine moleculesPark, Noejung; Sung, D; Hong, S; Kang, D; Park, WARTICLE551
2010-00Nanodevices based on Membrane-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid StructuresJin, HJ; Kim, TH; Namgung, Seon; Hong, SCONFERENCE31
2015-12-15Recent Advancement in Research and Planning toward High Beta Steady State Operation in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Hong, S; Humphreys, D; IN, YK; Jeon, YM; Kwak, JG; Kwon, JM; Nam, YU; Oh, YK; Park, JK; Sabbagh, S; Wang, SJ; Yoon, SW; Yun, Gunsu; KSTAR teamCONFERENCE31
2006-00Selective Adhesion of Fibronectin onto Aligned Carbon Nanotube PatternsNamgung, Seon; Park, SY; Nam, JM; Hong, SCONFERENCE40
2008-00Selective Cell Growth on Fibronectin-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid NanostructuresNamgung, Seon; Park, SY; Lee, BY; Lee, M; Hong, SCONFERENCE38
2010-00Selective Filopodial Extensions of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells along Fibronectin-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid NanostructuresNamgung, Seon; Baik, K; Kim, T; Nam, J; Hong, SCONFERENCE32
2001-07Test selection for a nondeterministic FSMHwang, I; Kim, T; Hong, S; Lee, JARTICLE63
2011-00Wide Contact Structures for Low-noise Nano-channel Devices based on Carbon Nanotube NetworkLee, H; Lee, M; Namgung, Seon; Hong, SCONFERENCE47
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14