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2022-05Boron nitride-based nanomaterials as adsorbents in water: A reviewPark, Yong-Gyun; Nam, Seong-Nam; Jang, Min; Min Park, Chang; Her, Namguk; Sohn, Jinsik; Cho, Jaeweon; Yoon, YeominARTICLE10
2005-03Effects of retained natural organic matter (NOM) on NOM rejection and membrane flux decline with nanofiltration and ultrafiltrationYoon, Yeomin; Amy, Gary; Cho, Jaeweon; Her, NamgukARTICLE779
2016-08Evaluation of Humic Acid and Tannic Acid Fouling in Graphene Oxide-Coated Ultrafiltration MembranesChu, Kyoung Hoon; Huang, Yi; Yu, Miao; Her, Namguk; Flora, Joseph R.V.; Park, Chang Min; Kim, Suhan; Cho, Jaeweon; Yoon, YeominARTICLE915
2002-03Optimization of method for detecting and characterizing NOM by HPLC-size exclusion chromatography with UV and on-line DOC detectionHer, Namguk; Amy, Gary; Foss, David; Cho, Jaeweon; Yoon, Yeomin; Kosenka, PaulARTICLE713
2016-07Organic fouling and reverse solute selectivity in forward osmosis: Role of working temperature and inorganic draw solutionsHeo, Jiyong; Chu, Kyoung Hoon; Her, Namguk; Im, Jongkwon; Park, Yong-Gyun; Cho, Jaeweon; Sarp, Sarper; Jang, Am; Jang, Min; Yoon, YeominARTICLE1169
2012-04Removal of bisphenol A and 17 beta-estradiol in single walled carbon nanotubes-ultrafiltration (SWNTs-UF) membrane systemsHeo, Jiyong; Flora, Joseph R. V.; Her, Namguk; Park, Yong-Gyun; Cho, Jaeweon; Son, Ahjeong; Yoon, YeominARTICLE732
2002-09Transport of perchlorate (ClO4-) through NF and UF membranesYoon, Yeomin; Amy, Gary; Cho, Jaeweon; Her, Namguk; Pellegrino, JohnARTICLE802
2002-08Variations of molecular weight estimation by HP-size exclusion chromatography with UVA versus online DOC detectionHer, Namguk; Amy, Gary; Foss, David; Cho, JWARTICLE731
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8