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2022-0317-aF $_{{rms}}$ Resolution Noise-Immune Fingerprint Scanning Analog Front-End for Under-Glass Mutual-Capacitive Fingerprint SensorsPark, Kyeongmin; Oh, Seunghun; Heo, Sanghyun; Shin, Sangwoong; Bien, FranklinARTICLE109
2016-0772 dB SNR, 240 Hz Frame Rate Readout IC With Differential Continuous-Mode Parallel Architecture for Larger Touch-Screen Panel ApplicationsHeo, Sanghyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Song, Joohyeb; Park, Kyoungmin; Choi, Eun-Ho; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1195
2016-10-26A 200 Atto Farad Capacitance Sensing with a Differential Signaling Method For a Mutual Capacitive Finger-Print sensorsHeo, Sanghyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Song, Joohyeb; Park, Kyungmin; Choi, Eunho; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE124
2020-07A 32-dB SNR Readout IC with 20-Vpp Tx Using On-Chip DM-TISM in HV BCD Process for Mutual-Capacitive Fingerprint SensorChoi, Eunho; Kim, Seongmun; Park, K; Heo, Sanghyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Namgoong, Gyeongho; Kim, Haksun; Bien, FranklinARTICLE516
2017-11-07A low-offset, low-noise, Fully Differential Receiver with a Differential Signaling Method for Fingerprint Mutual Capacitive Touch ScreenHeo, Sanghyun; Song, Joohyeb; Park, Kyoungmin; Choi, Eun-ho; Kim, Seong Mun; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE125
2013-01-30A Low-Power Intellectual Touch Screen Controller in a 0.13-um CMOS using Mixed-Signal Fuzzy LogicBien, Franklin; Ngoc, NTT; Heo, SanghyunCONFERENCE89
2014-11Algorithm for improving snr using high voltage and differential manchester code for capacitive touch screen panelMa, Hyunggun; Heo, Sanghyun; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1142
2018-02Design of Touch Screen Controller IC for Transparent Fingerprint SensorBien, Franklin; Heo, SanghyunDoctoral thesis606
2020-01Differential Coded Multiple Signaling Method with Fully Differential Receiver for Mutual Capacitive Fingerprint TSPHeo, Sanghyun; Park, Kyeongmin; Choi, Eun-Ho; Bien, FranklinARTICLE414
2014-09-22Dynamic range enhanced readout circuit for a capacitive touch screen panel with current subtraction techniqueHeo, Sanghyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE100
2016-10-27Evanescent Mode Power-transfer and Communication Technology for Internet of Things Device Charging Over Metal SurfacesOruganti, Sai Kiran; Kaiyrakhmet, Olzhas; Heo, Sanghyun; Lee, Bonyoung; Park, Woojin; Seo, Seoktae; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE162
2014-11-10Highly improved SNR differential sensing method using parallel operation signaling for touch screen applicationHeo, Sanghyun; Ma, Hyunggun; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE99
2016-11On-display Transparent Half-diamond Pattern Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Compatible with AMOLED DisplayMa, Hyunggun; Liu, Zhenyi; Heo, Sanghyun; Lee, Jeeyoon; Na, Kyungmin; Jin, Han Byul; Jung, Sungchul; Park, Kibog; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1186
2013-01-30Readout IC for Touch Screen using Orthogonal ModulationBien, Franklin; Heo, Sanghyun; Lee, Seunggyu; Nguyen, NgocCONFERENCE135
2017-11Research on flexible display at ulsan national institute of science and technologyPark, Jihun; Heo, Sanghyun; Park, Kibog; Song, Myoung Hoon; Kim, Ju-Young; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Park, Jang-Ung; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1216
2017-09Stretchable Dual-Capacitor Multi-Sensor for Touch-Curvature-Pressure-Strain SensingJin, Hanbyul; Jung, Sungchul; Kim, Junhyung; Heo, Sanghyun; Lim, Jaeik; Park, Wonsang; Chu, Hye Yong; Bien, Franklin; Park, KibogARTICLE1005
2018-07Transparent and flexible fingerprint sensor array with multiplexed detection of tactile pressure and skin temperatureAn, Byeong Wan; Heo, Sanghyun; Ji, Sangyoon; Bien, Franklin; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE956
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17