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2007-01Alternating Copolymers of N-(2-Ethylhexyl)-Carbazole Derivatives with Aniline Units: Synthesis and PropertiesPark, Lee Soon; Wang, Hui; Ryu, Jeong Tak; Kim, Dae Hwan; Choi, Byeong Dae; Kwon, Young Hwan; Han, Yoon SooARTICLE466
2000-06Biphenyl기를 포함하는 공액 공중합체의 합성 및 전계발광 특성Park, Lee Soon; Han, Yoon Soo; Kim, Sang Dae; Kim, Woo Sik; Lee, Dong Ho; Min, Kyung Eun; Seo, Kwan Ho; Kang, Inn KyuARTICLE576
2005-01Blue emitting polymers as host materials of phosphorescent dopant and their electroluminescent propertiesHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Sang Woo; Kwon, Younghwan; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE615
2007-01Color tuning of doped PLEDs by energy transfer from PVK to dopant constituted with biphenyl and butadienyl unitHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Hoyoung; Choi, Byeong Dae; Kwon, Younghwan; Hur, Youngjune; Kwak, Giseop; Kim, Soon Hak; Park, Lee Soon; Choi, Byeong-DaeARTICLE610
2008-01Effect of photosensitivity in acrylic photoreactive electrode pastes on line width uniformity for large-sized plasma display panelsKim, Soon Hak; Kwon, Younghwan; Han, Yoon Soo; Hur, Youngjune; Kwak, Giseop; Woo, Chang Min; Hur, Byung Ki; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE479
2009-08Effects of the Binder Polymer and Powder Type on the Resolution and Edge Curl of a Silver Electrode Formed by a Photolithographic ProcessKim, Soon Hak; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwon, Younghwan; Kwak, Giseop; Kwon, Oh Hyeong; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE399
2006-12Electroluminescent properties of heterocyclic conjugated random copolymers containing phenothiazine and carbazole moietiesHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Hoyoung; Seo, Hyeon Jin; Kwon, Younghwan; Hur, Youngjune; Kim, Dong-Uk; Kim, Jung Moo; Kim, Hyun Suk; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE382
2011-08Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells Through the Use of 4-Fluorobenzonitrile as an AdditiveWoo, Sungho; Kwon, Hyeok Yong; Jeong, Seonju; Lee, Sang Ju; Park, Lee Soon; Kim, Youngkyoo; Han, Yoon SooARTICLE542
2007Fabrication and electroluminescence properties of white OLED with three-component, emitting layer: Blue and yellowish-green polymers blend with red dopantKim, Soon Hak; Hur, Youngjune; Kim, Hyun Suk; Choi, Kyu-Han; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwak, Giseop; Kwon, Younghwan; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE649
2004-10Fabrication of electrophoretic display panel using prepatterned barrier ribPark, LS; Choi, Hyung Suk; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE453
2007-01Green and red electrophosphorescent devices consisting of cabazole/triarylamine-based polymers doped with iridium complexesWang, Hui; Ryu, Jeong-Tak; Kim, Dong Uk; Han, Yoon Soo; Park, Lee Soon; Cho, Ho-Young; Lee, Sam-Jong; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE487
2007-01Green emitting PLED having polymeric host and dopant in emissive layerHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Hoyoung; Choi, Byeong Dae; Song, Jeong Han; Kwon, Younghwan; Hur, Youngjune; Kwak, Giseop; Kim, Soon Hak; Park, Lee Soon; Choi, Byeong-DaeARTICLE454
2009-02High-Tg N-Triarylamine Derivatives as a Hole Injecting Layer in Organic Light-Emitting DiodesCho, Ho Young; Park, Lee Soon; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwon, Younghwan; Ham, Jae-YongARTICLE455
1998-12Poly(vinyl butyral)에 azide기가 도입된 감광성 고분자의 합성 및 감광특성Park, Lee Soon; Han, Yoon Soo; Oh, Hyun Shik; Im, Dae HwanARTICLE690
1998-10PPV 발광층 및 전자수송층을 가진 이종접합 구조 EL 소자의 제작 및 특성Park, Lee Soon; Han, Yoon Soo; Shin, Dong Soo; Shin, Won Gi; Kim, Woo Young; Kim, Sung Jin; Lee, Choong HunARTICLE691
1996-05PVA - SbQ 수용성 감광성 고분자의 구조와 감도관계 및 칼라 수상관 스크린 공정에의 응용Park, Lee Soon; Han, Yoon Soo; Kim, Bong ChulARTICLE546
2006Synthesis and characterization of conjugated copolymers, and their color tuning with molecular microstructureHan, Yoon Soo; Kwon, Younghwan; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE488
2006Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-arylcarbazole-alt-aniline) copolymers as blue-emitting host matrix for polymer light-emitting diodesWang, Hui; Ryu, Jeong-Tak; Han, Yoon Soo; Kim, Dae-Hwan; Choi, Byeong Dae; Park, Lee Soon; Teng, Dayong; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE562
2009-01Synthesis and Electro-Optical Properties of 9,10-Substituted Anthracene Derivatives for Flexible OLED DevicesHan, Yoon Soo; Jeong, Seonju; Ryu, Sang Chul; Park, Eun Jung; Lyu, Eon Joo; Kwak, Giseop; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE531
2006-12Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of conjugated copolymer containing phenothiazine and phenanthridine unitHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Sang Dae; Kwon, Younghwan; Choi, Kyu-Han; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE587
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26