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2012-09A Facile Route To Recover Intrinsic Graphene over Large ScaleShin, Dong-Wook; Lee, Hyun Myoung; Yu, Seong Man; Lim, Kwang-Soo; Jung, Jae Hoon; Kim, Min-Kyu; Kim, Sang-Woo; Han, Jae-Hee; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Yoo, Ji-BeomARTICLE90
2010-09Coherence Resonance in a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Ion ChannelLee, Chang Young; Choi, Wonjoon; Han, Jae-Hee; Strano, Michael S.ARTICLE870
2018-01Effect of semiconductor polymer backbone structures and side-chain parameters on the facile separation of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes from as-synthesized mixturesLee, Dennis T.; Chung, Jong Won; Park, Geonhee; Kim, Yun-Tae; Lee, Chang Young; Cho, Yeonchoo; Yoo, Pil J.; Han, Jae-Hee; Shin, Hyeon-Jin; Kim, Woo-JaeARTICLE1170
2010-10Evidence for High-Efficiency Exciton Dissociation at Polymer/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Interfaces in Planar Nano-heterojunction PhotovoltaicsHam, Moon-Ho; Paulus, Geraldine L. C.; Lee, Chang Young; Song, Changsik; Kalantar-zadeh, Kourosh; Choi, Wonjoon; Han, Jae-Hee; Strano, Michael S.ARTICLE875
2010-10Exciton antennas and concentrators from core-shell and corrugated carbon nanotube filaments of homogeneous compositionHan, Jae-Hee; Paulus, Geraldine L. C.; Maruyama, Ryuichiro; Heller, Daniel A.; Kim, Woo-Jae; Barone, Paul W.; Lee, Chang Young; Choi, Jong Hyun; Ham, Moon-Ho; Song, Changsik; Fantini, C.; Strano, Michael S.ARTICLE787
2019-07High-Yield Fabrication, Activation, and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Ion Channels by Repeated Voltage-Ramping of Membrane-Capillary AssemblyMin, Hyegi; Kim, Yun-Tae; Moon, Seung Min; Han, Jae-Hee; Yum, Kyungsuk; Lee, Chang YoungARTICLE414
2019-07-23High-yield fabrication, activation, and characterization of carbon nanotube ion channels by repeated voltage-ramping of membrane-capillary assemblyMin, Hyegi; Kim, Yun-Tae; Moon, Seung Min; Han, Jae-Hee; Yum, Kyungsuk; Lee, Chang YoungCONFERENCE150
2020-02Hygroscopic Micro/Nanolenses along Carbon Nanotube Ion ChannelsKim, Yun-Tae; Min, Hyegi; Strano, Michael S; Han, Jae-Hee; Lee, Chang YoungARTICLE290
2016-05Optimal Synthesis of Horizontally Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Their Biofunctionalization for Biosensing ApplicationsJung, Dawoon; Park, Hyun Woo; Ma, Gidong; Lee, Chang Young; Kwon, Taeyun; Han, Jae-HeeARTICLE761
2019-07-23Salt micro/nanolenses formed by ionic transport for optical visualization of carbon nanotubes and enhanced Raman spectroscopyKim, Yun-tae; Min, Hyegi; Strano, Michael; Han, Jae-Hee; Lee, Chang YoungCONFERENCE137
2018-08The Exterior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Millimeter-Long Cation-Preferring NanochannelKim, Yun-Tae; Joo, Se Hun; Min, Hyegi; Lee, Jiyun; Moon, Seung Min; Byeon, Mirang; Hong, Tae Eun; Strano, Michael S.; Han, Jae-Hee; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Chang YoungARTICLE584
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11