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2001-11A polymer's dielectric normal modes depend on its film thickness when confined between nonwetting surfacesJeon, S; Granick, SARTICLE23
1998-04Adsorbed monomer analog of a common polyelectrolyteSukhishvili, SA; Granick, SARTICLE44
1999-05Adsorption of human serum albumin: Dependence on molecular architecture of the oppositely charged surfaceSukhishvili, SA; Granick, SARTICLE26
2002-06Apparent slip of Newtonian fluids past adsorbed polymer layersZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE32
2003-02Biolubrication: Hyaluronic acid and the influence on its interfacial viscosity of an antiinflammatory drugZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE52
1996-08Chain flattening and infrared dichroism of adsorbed poly(ethylene oxide)Enriquez, EP; Granick, SARTICLE27
2001-11Chains end-grafted in a theta-solvent and polymer melts: comparison of force-distance profilesCai, LLJ; Granick, SARTICLE41
2005-12Charged polypeptide diffusion at a very high ionic strengthHong, L; Granick, SARTICLE41
2002-05Confinement-induced differences between dielectric normal modes and segmental modes of an ion-conducting polymerKojio, K; Jeon, S; Granick, SARTICLE27
1996-09Critique of the friction coefficient concept for wet (lubricated) slidingDhinojwala, A; Cai, L; Granick, SARTICLE28
1999-10Direct measurement of fluid mechanical properties in micro space: Liquid crystal orientation under sheerSoga, I; Dhinojwala, A; Granick, SARTICLE31
2006-01Electrostatic stitching in gel-phase supported phospholipid bilayersZhang, LF; Spurlin, TA; Gewirth, AA; Granick, SARTICLE37
2003-06Equation for slip of simple liquids at smooth solid surfacesSpikes, H; Granick, SARTICLE39
1999Exploring the "friction modifier" phenomenon: nanorheology of n-alkane chains with polar terminus dissolved in n-alkane solventRuths, M; Ohtani, H; Greenfield, ML; Granick, SARTICLE28
1998-07Flow-induced deformation and desorption of adsorbed polymersSoga, I; Granick, SARTICLE31
1997-09Formation and characterization of covalently bound polyelectrolyte brushesSukhishvili, SA; Granick, SARTICLE21
1996-11Friction fluctuations and friction memory in stick-slip motionDemirel, AL; Granick, SARTICLE28
1996-12Generalized effects in confined fluids: New friction map for boundary lubricationLuengo, G; Israelachvili, J; Granick, SARTICLE20
1996-09Glasslike transition of a confined simple fluidDemirel, AL; Granick, SARTICLE25
2000-09Healing of confined polymer films following deformation at high shear rateZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE35
Showing results 1 to 20 of 87