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2008-013D framework structure of a new lithium thiophosphate, LiTi2(PS4)(3), as lithium insertion hostsKim, Youngsik; Arumugam, Nachiappan; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE1162
2009Access to M3+/M2+ Redox Couples in Layered LiMS2 Sulfides (M=Ti, V, Cr) as Anodes for Li-Ion BatteryKim, Youngsik; Park, Kyu-sung; Song, Sang-hoon; Han, Jiantao; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE1000
2011-04Aqueous Cathode for Next-Generation Alkali-Ion BatteriesLu, Yuhao; Goodenough, John B.; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE876
2010-02Challenges for Rechargeable Li BatteriesGoodenough, John B.; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE1265
2011CoMn2O4 Spinel Nanoparticles Grown on Graphene as Bifunctional Catalyst for Lithium-Air BatteriesWang, Long; Zhao, Xin; Lu, Yuhao; Xu, Maowen; Zhang, Dawei; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Stevenson, Keith J.; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE112
2008-09Lithium insertion into transition-metal monosulfides: Tuning the position of the metal 4s bandKim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE858
2008-04Lithium intercalation into ATi(2)(PS4)(3) (A = Li, Na, Ag)Kim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE878
2009-10Lithium Ion Intercalation Performance of Niobium Oxides: KNb5O13 and K6Nb10.8O30Han, Jian-Tao; Liu, Dong-Qiang; Song, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE854
2009-10Locating redox couples in the layered sulfides with application to Cu[Cr-2]S-4Goodenough, John B.; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE891
2012Perovskite Sr0.95Ce0.05CoO3-delta loaded with copper nanoparticles as a bifunctional catalyst for lithium-air batteriesYang, Wei; Salim, Jason; Li, Shuai; Sun, Chunwen; Chen, Liquan; Goodenough, John B.; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE1003
2009Reinvestigation of Li1-xTiyV1-yS2 Electrodes in Suitable Electrolyte: Highly Improved Electrochemical PropertiesKim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE784
2011The influence on Fermi energy of Li-site change in LizTi1-yNiyS2 on crossing z=1Yang, Guiling; Kim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE834
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12