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2017-09Crystallization-Induced Emission Enhancement and Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a CF3-Containing Excited-State Intramolecular-Proton-Transfer MoleculePark, Sanghyuk; Kwon, Ji Eon; Park, Sun-Young; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Joon Ki; Yoon, Seung-Jun; Chung, Jong Won; Whang, Dong Ryeol; Park, Sang Kyu; Lee, Dong Ki; Jang, Du-Jeon; Gierschner, Johannes; Park, Soo YoungARTICLE411
2014Design principles of chemiluminescence (CL) chemodosimeter for self-signaling detection: luminol protective approachKwon, Min Sang; Jang, Geunseok; Bilby, David; Milian-Medina, Begona; Gierschner, Johannes; Lee, Taek Seung; Kim, JinsangARTICLE412
2018-10Highly efficient organic photocatalysts discovered via a computer-aided-design strategy for visible-light-driven atom transfer radical polymerizationSingh, Varun Kumar; Yu, Changhoon; Badgujar, Sachin; Kim, Youngmu; Kwon, Yonghwa; Kim, Doyon; Lee, Junhyeok; Akhter, Toheed; Thangavel, Gurunathan; Park, Lee Soon; Lee, Jiseok; Nandajan, Paramjyothi C.; Wannermacher, Reinhold; Milián-Medina, Begoña; Luer, Larry; Kim, Kwang S.; Gierschner, Johannes; Kwon, Min SangARTICLE510
2016-01Multi-luminescent switching of metal-free organic phosphors for luminometric detection of organic solventsKwon, Min Sang; Jordahl, Jake H.; Phillips, Andrew W.; Chung, Kyeongwoon; Lee, Sunjong; Gierschner, Johannes; Lahaan, Joerg; Kim, JinsangARTICLE264
2019-08Organic Photocatalyst for ppm-Level Visible-Light-Driven Reversible Addition–Fragmentation Chain-Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization with Excellent Oxygen ToleranceSong, Yuna; Kim, Youngmu; Noh, Yeonjin; Singh, Varun Kumar; Behera, Santosh Kumar; Abudulimu, Abasi; Chung, Kyeongwoon; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Gierschner, Johannes; Lüer, Larry; Kwon, Min SangARTICLE200
2014-04Rationally designed molecular D-A-D triad for piezochromic and acidochromic fluorescence on-off switchingKwon, Min Sang; Gierschner, Johannes; Seo, Jangwon; Park, Soo YoungARTICLE445
2017-12Room-Temperature-Phosphorescence-Based Dissolved Oxygen Detection by Core-Shell Polymer Nanoparticles Containing Metal-Free Organic PhosphorsYu, Youngchang; Kwon, Min Sang; Jung, Jaehun; Zeng, Yingying; Kim, Mounggon; Chung, Kyeongwoon; Gierschner, Johannes; Youk, Ji Ho; Boris, Sergey M.; Kim, JinsangARTICLE453
2015-05Shear-Triggered Crystallization and Light Emission of a Thermally Stable Organic Supercooled LiquidChung, Kyeongwoon; Kwon, Min Sang; Leung, Brendan M.; Wong-Foy, Antek G.; Kim, Min Su; Kim, Jeongyong; Takayama, Shuichi; Gierschner, Johannes; Matzger, Adam J.; Kim, JinsangARTICLE548
2015-12Suppressing molecular motions for enhanced room-temperature phosphorescence of metal-free organic materialsKwon, Min Sang; Yu, Youngchang; Caleb Coburn; Phillips , Andrew W.; Chung, Kyeongwoon; Shanker, Apoorv; Jung, Jaehun; Kim, Gun-Ho; Pipe, Kevin; Forrest, Stephen R.; Youk, Ji Ho; Gierschner, Johannes; Kim, JinsangARTICLE1063
2012-10Unique Piezochromic Fluorescence Behavior of Dicyanodistyrylbenzene Based Donor-Acceptor-Donor Triad: Mechanically Controlled Photo-Induced Electron Transfer (eT) in Molecular AssembliesKwon, Min Sang; Gierschner, Johannes; Yoon, Seong-Jun; Park, Soo YoungARTICLE501
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