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2000-03A conserved checkpoint pathway mediates DNA damage-induced apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in C. elegansGartner, A; Milstein, S; Ahmed, S; Hodgkin, J; Hengartner, MOARTICLE89
2004-01BRCA1/BARD1 orthologs required for DNA repair in Caenorhabditis elegansBoulton, SJ; Martin, JS; Polanowska, J; Hill, DE; Gartner, A; Vidal, MARTICLE81
2005-02C-elegans ced-13 can promote apoptosis and is induced in response to DNA damageSchumacher, B; Schertel, C; Wittenburg, N; Tuck, S; Mitani, S; Gartner, A; Conradt, B; Shaham, SARTICLE94
2001-12C-elegans RAD-5/CLK-2 defines a new DNA damage checkpoint proteinAhmed, S; Alpi, A; Hengartner, MO; Gartner, AARTICLE86
2002-11Caenorhabditis elegans HUS-1 is a DNA damage checkpoint protein required for genome stability and EGL-1-mediated apoptosisHofmann, ER; Milstein, S; Boulton, SJ; Ye, MJ; Hofmann, JJ; Stergiou, L; Gartner, A; Vidal, M; Hengartner, MOARTICLE91
2002-01Combined functional genomic maps of the C-elegans DNA damage responseBoulton, SJ; Gartner, A; Reboul, J; Vaglio, P; Dyson, N; Hill, DE; Vidal, MARTICLE78
2003-07Genetic and cytological characterization of the recombination protein RAD-51 in Caenorhabditis elegansAlpi, A; Pasierbek, P; Gartner, A; Loidl, JARTICLE82
2006-04Meiosis: Checking chromosomes pair up properlyMeier, B; Gartner, AARTICLE81
2004-06Multiple genetic pathways involving the Caenorhabditis elegans Bloom's syndrome genes him-6, rad-5.1, and top-3 are needed to maintain genome stability in the germ lineWicky, C; Alpi, A; Passannante, M; Rose, A; Gartner, A; Muller, FARTICLE65
1998-07Pheromone-dependent G(1) cell cycle arrest requires Far1 phosphorylation, but may not involve inhibition of Cdc28-Cln2 kinase, in vivoGartner, A; Jovanovic, A; Jeoung, DI; Bourlat, S; Cross, FR; Ammerer, GARTICLE88
2001-10The C. elegans homolog of the p53 tumor suppressor is required for DNA damage-induced apoptosisSchumacher, B; Hofmann, K; Boulton, S; Gartner, AARTICLE97
2002-09The CeCDC-14 phosphatase is required for cytokinesis in the Caenorhabditis elegans embryoGruneberg, U; Glotzer, M; Gartner, A; Nigg, EAARTICLE69
2005-02Translational repression of C-elegans p53 by GLD-1 regulates DNA damage-induced apoptosisSchumacher, B; Hanazawa, M; Lee, MH; Nayak, S; Volkmann, K; Hofmann, R; Hengartner, M; Schedl, T; Gartner, AARTICLE79
2005-03What evidence is there for the existence of individual genes with antagonistic pleiotropic effects?Leroi, AM; Bartke, A; De Benedictis, G; Franceschi, C; Gartner, A; Gonos, E; Feder, ME; Kivisild, T; Lee, S; Kartal-Ozer, N; Schumacher, M; Sikora, E; Slagboom, E; Tatar, M; Yashin, AI; Vijg, J; Zwaan, BARTICLE88
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14