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2012-07-15Analysis of the Antineutrino Signature of LEU/MOX Fueled LWRs and SFRsSaller, Thomas G.; Fynan, Douglas A.; Ward, Andrew M.; Downar, Tom; Lee, John C.CONFERENCE43
2016-10-02Application of Gaussian process model to generate a success criteria map with estimate of safety margin and uncertainty analysisFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-IlCONFERENCE53
2009-06-14Comparison of three methods for reliability quantificationFynan, Douglas A.; Lee, John C.CONFERENCE40
2018-01Cooldown procedure success criteria map for the full break size spectrum of SBLOCAFynan, Douglas A.; Cho, Jaehyun; Ahn, Kwang-IlARTICLE450
2009-11-15Criticality evaluation of the JOYO MK-I benchmark coresFynan, Douglas A.CONFERENCE31
2016-10-02Development and Application of Source Term Analysis Framework on OPR1000 NPP for Radiological Emergency PrepardnessKim, Tae Woon; Han, Seok Jung; Ahn, Kwang-Il; Jung, Yong Hun; Fynan, Douglas A.CONFERENCE49
2017-09-03Effect of U-tube Hydraulic Diameter on Severe Accident Natural Circulations in PWR Steam GeneratorsFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-IlCONFERENCE40
2016-05-12Estimation of Source Term Behaviors in SBO Sequence in a Typical 1000MWth PWR and Comparision with Other Source Term ResultsKim, Tae Won; Han, Seok Jung; Ahn, Kwang-Il; Fynan, Douglas A.; Jung, Yong HanCONFERENCE40
2015-09-17Implicit Treatment of Technical Specification and Thermal Hydraulic Parameter Uncertainties in Gaussian Process Model to Estimate Safety MarginFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-IlCONFERENCE47
2016-06Implicit Treatment of Technical Specification and Thermal Hydraulic Parameter Uncertainties in Gaussian Process Model to Estimate Safety MarginFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-IlARTICLE412
2019-04-28Interfacing passive system performance degradation initiated by nuclear power plant operator actionFynan, Douglas A.; Park, JCONFERENCE67
2015-06-07Limit surface approach defining success criteria with uncertainties in level 1 PSAFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-Il; Lee, John C.CONFERENCE44
2021-03MicroURANUS: Core design for long-cycle lead-bismuth-cooled fast reactor for marine applicationsNguyen, Tung Dong Cao; Khandaq, Muhammad Farid; Jung, Eun; Choe, Jiwon; Lee, Deokjung; Fynan, Douglas A.ARTICLE17
2017-09-24Mission definition for a passive reliability assessment of smart passive residual heat removal systemFynan, Douglas A.; Jung, Yong Hun; Park, Jin HeeCONFERENCE55
2015-10-29Modeling Sequence Timing, Technical Specification, and Code Parameter Uncertainties in Success Criteria Definition with Gaussian Process ModelFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-IlCONFERENCE46
2021-03Operator Action-Induced Two-Phase Flow Condition Resulting in Performance Degradation of Interfacing Passive SystemFynan, Douglas A.; Park, JinheeARTICLE94
2018-08Optimal working fluid charge and degradation thresholds for a closed-circuit intermediate natural circulation heat transport loopFynan, Douglas A.; Park, Jin HeeARTICLE451
2015-05-06PCT Uncertainty Analysis Using Unscented Transform with Random Orthogonal MatrixFynan, Douglas A.; Ahn, Kwang-Il; Lee, John C.CONFERENCE38
2021-06Photoneutron production in heavy water reactor fuel lattice from accelerator-driven bremsstrahlungFynan, Douglas A.; Seo, Yeseul; Kim, Gitae; Barros, Silvia; Kim, Mi JinARTICLE15
2020-10Photoneutron reaction kinematics and error of commonly used approximationsFynan, Douglas A.ARTICLE110
Showing results 1 to 20 of 25