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2014-09Aging in the relaxor and ferroelectric state of Fe-doped(1-x)(Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xBaTiO(3) piezoelectric ceramicsSapper, Eva; Dittmer, Robert; Damjanovic, Dragan; Erdem, Emre; Keeble, David J.; Jo, Wook; Granzow, Torsten; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE1077
2011-05Effect of K0.5Na0.5NbO3 on Properties at and off the Morphotropic Phase Boundary in Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-Bi0.5K0.5TiO3 CeramicsAnton, Eva-Maria; Jo, Wook; Trodahl, Joe; Damjanovic, Dragan; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE967
2010-07Effect of Nb-donor and Fe-acceptor dopants in (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3-(K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 lead-free piezoceramicsJo, Wook; Erdem, Emre; Eichel, Ruediger-A; Glaum, Julia; Granzow, Torsten; Damjanovic, Dragan; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE1013
2011-01Evolving morphotropic phase boundary in lead-free (Bi1/2Na 1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 piezoceramicsJo, Wook; Daniels, John E.; Jones, Jacob L.; Tan, Xiaoli; Thomas, Pamela A.; Damjanovic, Dragan; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE946
2009-12High-Strain Lead-free Antiferroelectric ElectrostrictorsZhang, Shan-Tao; Kounga, Alain B.; Jo, Wook; Jamin, Christine; Seifert, Klaus; Granzow, Torsten; Roedel, Juergen; Damjanovic, DraganARTICLE1117
2011-02Lead-free high-temperature dielectrics with wide operational rangeDittmer, Robert; Jo, Wook; Damjanovic, Dragan; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE1020
2009-05Origin of the large strain response in (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3-modified (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-BaTiO3 lead-free piezoceramicsJo, Wook; Granzow, Torsten; Aulbach, Emil; Roedel, Juergen; Damjanovic, DraganARTICLE1187
2009-06Perspective on the Development of Lead-free PiezoceramicsRoedel, Juergen; Jo, Wook; Seifert, Klaus T. P.; Anton, Eva-Maria; Granzow, Torsten; Damjanovic, DraganARTICLE1210
2022-11Recent Advances in Piezoelectric Materials for Electromechanical Transducer ApplicationsLi, Fei; Bell, Andrew; Damjanovic, Dragan; Jo, Wook; Ye, Zuo-Guang; Zhang, ShujunARTICLE210
2015-06Transferring lead-free piezoelectric ceramics into applicationRodel, Jurgen; Webber, Kyle G.; Dittmer, Robert; Jo, Wook; Kimura, Masahiko; Damjanovic, DraganARTICLE1258
2013-05Two-stage processes of electrically induced-ferroelectric to relaxor transition in 0.94(Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-0.06BaTiO(3)Jo, Wook; Daniels, John; Damjanovic, Dragan; Kleemann, Wolfgang; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE3682
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11