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2018-11A molecular dynamics study on the biased propagation of intergranular fracture found in copper STGBChung, Hayoung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE142
2015-07Anisotropic hyperelastic modeling for face-centered cubic and diamond cubic structuresKim, Wonbae; Chung, Hayoung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE127
2015-11Asymmetric surface effect on the configuration of bilayer Si/SiGe nanospringsKim, Seongseop; Kim, Wonbae; Chung, Hayoung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE120
2019-06Configuration optimization for thin structures using level set methodJang, Gang-Won; Kambampati, Sandilya; Chung, Hayoung; Kim, H. AliciaARTICLE155
2017-01Finite-element analysis of the optical-texture-mediated photoresponse in a nematic stripChung, Hayoung; Yun, Jung-Hoon; Choi, Joonmyung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE138
2012-12Length and boundary effects on a nanorodKim, Wonbae; Chung, Hayoung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE126
2020-04Level-set topology optimization considering nonlinear thermoelasticityChung, Hayoung; Amir, Oded; Kim, H. AliciaARTICLE136
2015-04Light and thermal responses of liquid-crystal-network films: A finite element studyChung, Hayoung; Choi, Joonmyung; Yun, Jung-Hoon; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE130
2016-09Molecular Dynamics Study on the Photothermal Actuation of a Glassy Photoresponsive Polymer Reinforced with Gold Nanoparticles with Size EffectChoi, Joonmyung; Chung, Hayoung; Yun, Jung-Hoon; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE129
2017-12Multiscale modeling and its validation of the trans-cis-trans reorientation-based photodeformation in azobenzene-doped liquid crystal polymerYun, Jung-Hoon; Li, Chenzhe; Chung, Hayoung; Choi, Joonmyung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE134
2016-02Nonlinear photomechanics of nematic networks: upscaling microscopic behaviour to macroscopic deformationChung, Hayoung; Choi, Joonmyung; Yun, Jung-Hoon; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE138
2016-10Numerical study of light-induced phase behavior of smectic solidsChung, Hayoung; Park, Jaesung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE139
2015-09Photo deformation in azobenzene liquid-crystal network: Multiscale model prediction and its validationYun, Jung-Hoon; Li, Chenzhe; Chung, Hayoung; Choi, Joonmyung; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE137
2014-12Photo-isomerization effect of the azobenzene chain on the opto-mechanical behavior of nematic polymer: A molecular dynamics studyChoi, Joonmyung; Chung, Hayoung; Yun, Jung-Hoon; Cho, MaenghyoARTICLE135
2019-04Topology optimization in OpenMDAOChung, Hayoung; Hwang, John T.; Gray, Justin S.; Kim, H. AliciaARTICLE136
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15