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2009-02A Simple Regularizer for B-spline Nonrigid Image Registration That Encourages Local InvertibilityChun, Se Young; Fessler, Jeffrey A.ARTICLE603
2018-08A Wearable Wrist Band-Type System for Multimodal Biometrics Integrated with Multispectral Skin Photomatrix and Electrocardiogram SensorsKim, Hanvit; Kim, Haena; Chun, Se Young; Kang, Jae-Hwan; Oakley, Ian; Lee, Youryang; Ryu, Jun Oh; Kim, Min Joon; Park, In Kyu; Hong, Hyuk Gi; Jo, Young Chang; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE515
2019-10Algorithms and Analyses for Joint Spectral Image Reconstruction in Y-90 Bremsstrahlung SPECTChun, Se Young; Nguyen, Minh Phuong; Phan, Thanh Quoc; Kim, Hanvit; Fessler, Jeffrey A.; Dewaraja, Yuni K.ARTICLE108
2014-10Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier for Tomography With Nonlocal RegularizersChun, Se Young; Dewaraja, Yuni K.; Fessler, Jeffrey A.ARTICLE778
2013-10Bias atlases for segmentation-based pet attenuation correction using PET-CT and MROuyang, Jinsong; Chun, Se Young; Petibon, Yoann; Bonab, Ali A.; Alpert, Nathaniel; El Fakhri, GeorgesARTICLE821
2017-04Bounded Self-Weights Estimation Method for Non-Local Means Image Denoising Using Minimax EstimatorsNguyen, Minh Phuong; Chun, Se YoungARTICLE614
2019-01Cancelable ECG Biometrics using Compressive Sensing-Generalized Likelihood Ratio TestKim, Hanvit; Chun, Se YoungARTICLE135
2013-03Cardiac motion compensation and resolution modeling in simultaneous PET-MR: a cardiac lesion detection studyPetibon, Y.; Ouyang, J.; Zhu, X.; Huang, C.; Reese, T. G.; Chun, Se Young; Li, Q.; El Fakhri, G.ARTICLE722
2013-02Correction for Collimator-Detector Response in SPECT Using Point Spread Function TemplateChun, Se Young; Fessler, Jeffrey A.; Dewaraja, Yuni K.ARTICLE688
2019-08Deep Learning approaches for Robotic Grasp Detection and Image Super-ResolutionChun, Se Young; Park, DongwonMaster's thesis92
2018-08Deep Learning based Classification with Bio-medical DataChun, Se Young; Phan, Thanh QuocMaster's thesis209
2012-08Effect of nanofluids on reflood heat transfer in a long vertical tubeLee, Seung Won; Chun, Se Young; Song, Chul Hwa; Bang, In CheolARTICLE652
2014-05Evaluation of dual energy quantitative CT for determining the spatial distributions of red marrow and bone for dosimetry in internal emitter radiation therapyGoodsitt, Mitchell M.; Shenoy, Apeksha; Shen, Jincheng; Howard, David; Schipper, Matthew J.; Wilderman, Scott; Christodoulou, Emmanuel; Chun, Se Young; Dewaraja, Yuni K.ARTICLE1000
2016-08Improved Image Quality Using Joint Image Reconstruction and Non-Local Means Filtering for Multi-Spectral SPECTChun, Se Young; Nguyen, Minh PhuongMaster's thesis522
2017-12Improved quantitative 90Y bremsstrahlung SPECT/CT reconstruction with Monte Carlo scatter modelingDewaraja, Yuni K.; Chun, Se Young; Srinivasa, Ravi N.; Kaza, Ravi K.; Cuneo, Kyle C.; Majdalany, Bill S.; Novelli, Paula M.; Ljungberg, Michael; Fessler, Jeffrey A.ARTICLE502
2020-02Large-scale Medical Image ProcessingChun, Se Young; Kim, JisooMaster's thesis8
2012-08MRI-Based Nonrigid Motion Correction in Simultaneous PET/MRIChun, Se Young; Reese, Timothy G.; Ouyang, Jinsong; Guerin, Bastien; Catana, Ciprian; Zhu, Xuping; Alpert, Nathaniel M.; El Fakhri, GeorgesARTICLE758
2020-02Multi-Scale Approaches for Pathology Image AnalysisChun, Se Young; Hong, WonJaeMaster's thesis4
2013-02Noise Properties of Motion-Compensated Tomographic Image Reconstruction MethodsChun, Se Young; Fessler, Jeffrey A.ARTICLE636
2011-06Nonrigid PET motion compensation in the lower abdomen using simultaneous tagged-MRI and PET imagingGuerin, B.; Cho, S.; Chun, Se Young; Zhu, X.; Alpert, N. M.; El Fakhri, G.; Reese, T.; Catana, C.ARTICLE688
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30