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2013-08A pilot-scale hybrid municipal wastewater reclamation system using combined coagulation and disk filtration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis: Removal of nutrients and micropollutants, and characterization of membrane foulantsChon, Kangmin; Cho, Jaeweon; Shon, Ho KyongARTICLE642
2011-04A Study on Characteristics of Natural Organic Matter using XAD and FTIR in Yeongsan River SystemLee, Dongjin; Chon, Kangmin; Kim, Sangdon; Jung, Soojung; Lee, Kyunghee; Hwang, Taehee; Lim, Byungjin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE434
2013-10Advanced characterization of algogenic organic matter, bacterial organic matter, humic acids and fulvic acidsChon, Kangmin; Cho, Jaeweon; Shon, Ho KyongARTICLE629
2012-09Advanced characterization of organic foulants of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis from water reclamationChon, Kangmin; Cho, Jaeweon; Shon, Ho Kyong; Chon, KyongmiARTICLE455
2011-01Advanced treatment of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) effluents for effective wastewater reclamationSarp, Sarper; Chon, Kangmin; Kim, In S.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE531
2019-06An Autopsy Study of a Fouled Reverse Osmosis Membrane Used for Ultrapure Water ProductionRho, Hojung; Chon, Kangmin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE108
2017-01Characterization of size fractionated dissolved organic matter from river water and wastewater effluent using preparative high performance size exclusion chromatographyChon, Kangmin; Chon, Kyongmi; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE518
2012-04Combined coagulation-disk filtration process as a pretreatment of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane for wastewater reclamation: An autopsy study of a pilot plantChon, Kangmin; Kim, Seung Joon; Moon, Jihee; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE555
2010-06Developing organic fouling indices of microfiltration and nanofiltration membranes for wastewater reclamationChon, Kangmin; Lee, Sungyun; Chon, Kyongmi; Hussain, Ahamad Altaf; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE440
2014-11Effects of hydrodynamic conditions (diffusion vs. convection) and solution chemistry on effective molecular weight cut-off of negatively charged nanofiltration membranesKang, Eunyoung; Lee, Yunho; Chon, Kangmin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE596
2011-05Evaluation of a membrane bioreactor and nanofiltration for municipal wastewater reclamation: Trace contaminant control and fouling mitigationChon, Kangmin; Sarp, Sarper; Lee, Sungyun; Lee, Jong-Hoon; Lopez-Ramirez, J. A.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE469
2016-07Fouling behavior of dissolved organic matter in nanofiltration membranes from a pilot-scale drinking water treatment plant: An autopsy studyChon, Kangmin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE668
2013-02Fouling characteristics of a membrane bioreactor and nanofiltration hybrid system for municipal wastewater reclamationChon, Kangmin; Cho, Jaeweon; Shon, Ho KyongARTICLE522
2012-10Membrane bioreactor and nanofiltration hybrid system for reclamation of municipal wastewater: Removal of nutrients, organic matter and micropollutantsChon, Kangmin; KyongShon, Ho; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE517
2017-06Modeling the Fate and Transport of Malathion in the Pagsanjan-Lumban Basin, PhilippinesLigaray, Mayzonee; Kim, Minjeong; Baek, Sangsoo; Ra, Jin-Sung; Chun, Jong Ahn; Park, Yongeun; Boithias, Laurie; Ribolzi, Olivier; Chon, Kangmin; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE456
2019-01Rapid and effective isolation of dissolved organic matter using solid-phase extraction cartridges packed with amberlite XAD 8/4 resinsRho, Hojung; Chon, Kangmin; Park, Jongwan; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE234
2015-08Removal of N-nitrosamines in a membrane bioreactor and nanofiltration hybrid system for municipal wastewater reclamation: Process efficiency and mechanismsChon, Kangmin; Kim, Sung Hyun; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE707
2014-09Role of a constructed wetland to humify effluent organic matter from a wastewater treatment plantLee, Dongjin; Cho, Jaeweon; Chon, Kangmin; Lim, Byungjin; Chakraborty, Sudip; Chon, KyongmiARTICLE632
2012Seasonal Investigation of Natural Organic Matters from Yeongsan River Basin by Fluorescence SpectroscopyLee, Dongjin; Chon, Kangmin; Jung, Soojung; Kim, Sangdon; Lee, Kyunghee; Hwang, Taehee; Hwang, Dongjin; Lim, Byungjin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE323
2018-02Surface charge characterization of nanofiltration membranes by potentiometric titrations and electrophoresis: Functionality vs. zeta potentialRho, Hojung; Chon, Kangmin; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE588
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22