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2018-11-02Design and Experimental Setup for In-situ Underwater Beta Monitoring SystemLee, UkJae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE31
2020-11-12Design Proposal of Detection System for Gamma-ray Monitoring in Groundwater at Decommissioning SiteLee, Hyeonmin; Choi, Woo Nyun; Yoon, Seungbin; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE26
2020-08-04Development of Gross-Beta and Tritium Monitoring System in Decommissioning Site GroundwaterChoi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE50
2021-01-22Dose Assessment for Accident Scenarios During Use of Spent Resin Treatment DeviceChoi, Woo Nyun; Byun, Jaehoon; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE8
2020-11-12Dose Evaluation to Worker from Repair Process due to Failure of Spent Resin Mixture Treatment DeviceChoi, Woo Nyun; Byun,Jaehoon; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE30
2018-11-01Efficiency Analysis for In-situ Beta Measurement System in GroundwaterChoi, Woo Nyun; Lee, UkJae; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE31
2019-08-04External & Internal Dose Assessment on Spent Resin Treatment Facility for Recycling C-14Choi, Woo Nyun; Lee, Ukjae; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE43
2019-10Fundamental Approach to Development of Plastic Scintillator System for In Situ Groundwater Beta MonitoringLee, UkJae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Bae, Jun Woo; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE261
2019-02In situ beta radiation monitoring system with enhanced efficiency for water samples from decommissioned nuclear environmentLee, Ukhae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Min Ji; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE236
2019-07Minimum detectable activity of plastic scintillator for in-situ beta measurement system in ground waterChoi, Woo Nyun; Lee, UkJae; Bae, Jun Woo; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE249
2020-07-30Radiation safety assessment according to the accident scenario for commercialization of the spent resin mixture treatment deviceKim, Hee Reyoung; Choi, Woo Nyun; Byun, JaehoonCONFERENCE61
2017-10-19Radiological Assessment of Spent Resin Treatment Device for Disposal SafetyLee, Uk Jae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE30
2020-01Radiological assessment on spent resin treatment facility and transportation for radioactive waste disposalChoi, Woo Nyun; Lee, UkJae; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE314
2019-06Radiological impact assessment for workers on treatment of radioactive spent resin from heavy water reactorsLee, UkJae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE632
2018-06-01Radiological Safety Analysis in Transportation for Radioactive Wastes DisposalChoi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE28
2020-07-30Radiological safety assessment according to the operation of 1 ton/day spent resin treatment facilityKim, Hee Reyoung; Byun, Jaehoon; Choi, Woo NyunCONFERENCE52
2019-11-28Radiological safety assessment for spent resin treatment facility according to the ratio of source leaked into adsorption towerByun, Jaehoon; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE51
2021-01Radiological safety assessment of lead shielded spent resin treatment facility with the treatment capacity of 1 ton/dayByun, Jaehoon; Choi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE144
2019Spent resin treatment technology for radiocarbon recycling by using microwave desorption systemChoi, Woo Nyun; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE251
2018-08-05The Efficiency Calculation of Plastic Scintillator for in-situ Beta Measurement System in GroundwaterChoi, Woo Nyun; Lee, Ukjae; Bae, Jun Woo; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE32
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21