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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2015-10-15Assessment of low back muscle fatigue during normal gaitLee, Nagyung; Choi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE25
2016-09-23Center of mass location of stick vacuum cleaners affects physical demands during floor vacuumingChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE35
2020-11Changes in Low Back Muscle Activity and Spine Kinematics in Response to Smartphone Use During WalkingChoi, Seobin; Kim, Misol; Kim, Eunjee; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE52
2017-10-11Effects of an intentional gait modification on lower limb alignmentChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE39
2018-07Effects of the center of mass of a stick vacuum cleaner on the muscle activities of the upper extremity during floor vacuumingChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE452
2019-10-29Low back muscle activity when using a smartphone while walkingChoi, Seobin; Kim, Misol; Kim, Eunjee; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE49
2015-10-15Low back muscle EMG pattern of non-specific low back pain individuals during normal gaitChoi, Seobin; Lee, Nagyung; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE35
2019-10-31Neck muscle activation and head kinematics when using a smartphone while walkingWoon, Woojin; Han, Hyeseon; Choi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE61
2020-02Neck Muscular Load When Using a Smartphone While Sitting, Standing, and WalkingYoon, Woojin; Choi, Seobin; Han, Hyeseon; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE146
2021-03Performance of ground-level signal detection when using a phone while walkingKim, Eunjee; Kim, Hyorim; Kwon, Yujin; Choi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE10
2020-10-08Smartphone usage pattern while walking: A survey on 441 young users in KoreaKwon, Yujin; Choi, Seobin; Kim, Eunjee; Kim, Hyorim; Kim, Misol; Shin, GwanSeobCONFERENCE5
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11