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2019-10A Framework for Automated Cellular Network Tuning With Reinforcement LearningMismar, Faris B.; Choi, Jinseok; Evans, Brian L.ARTICLE355
2019-05-22A Hybrid Beamforming Receiver with Two-Stage Analog Combining and Low-Resolution ADCsChoi, Jinseok; Lee, Gilwon; Evans, Brian L.CONFERENCE285
2023-02A Tractable Approach to Coverage Analysis in Downlink Satellite NetworksPark, Jeonghun; Choi, Jinseok; Lee, NamyoonARTICLE414
2017-03-07ADC bit allocation under a power constraint for mmWave massive MIMO communication receiversChoi, Jinseok; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanCONFERENCE313
2017-12-06ADC Bit Optimization for Spectrum- and Energy-Efficient Millimeter Wave CommunicationsChoi, Jinseok; Sung, Junmo; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanCONFERENCE269
2020-08Advanced Receiver Architectures for Millimeter-Wave Communications with Low-Resolution ADCsChoi, Jinseok; Lee, Gilwon; Alkhateeb, Ahmed; Gatherer, Alan; Al-Dhahir, Naofa; Evans, Brian L.ARTICLE369
2019-01Analysis of Ergodic Rate for Transmit Antenna Selection in Low-Resolution ADC SystemsChoi, Jinseok; Evans, Brian L.ARTICLE321
2018-04-17Antenna Selection for Large-Scale MIMO Systems with Low-Resolution AdcsChoi, Jinseok; Sung, Junmo; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanCONFERENCE301
2020-03Base Station Antenna Selection for Low-Resolution ADC SystemsChoi, Jinseok; Sung, Junmo; Prasad, Narayan; Qi, Xiao-Feng; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanARTICLE369
2021-12Block Orthogonal Sparse Superposition CodesPark, Jeonghun; Choi, Jinseok; Shin, Wonjae; Lee, NamyoonCONFERENCE252
2022-09Energy Efficiency Maximization Precoding for Quantized Massive MIMO SystemsChoi, Jinseok; Park, Jeonghun; Lee, NamyoonARTICLE403
2023-03Joint Precoding and Artificial Noise Design for MU-MIMO Wiretap ChannelsChoi, Eunsung; Oh, Mintaek; Choi, Jinseok; Park, Jeonghun; Lee, Namyoon; Al-Dhahir, NaofalARTICLE52
2023-02Max-Min Fairness Beamforming With Rate-Splitting Multiple Access: Optimization Without a ToolboxKim, Doseon; Choi, Jinseok; Park, Jeonghun; Kim, Dong KuARTICLE194
2021-10MIMO Design for Internet of Things: Joint Optimization of Spectral Efficiency and Error Probability in Finite Blocklength RegimeChoi, Jinseok; Park, JeonghunARTICLE285
2018-04-17Narrowband Channel Estimation for Hybrid Beamforming Millimeter Wave Communication Systems with One-Bit QuantizationSung, Junmo; Choi, Jinseok; Evans, Brian L.CONFERENCE269
2021-02Quantized Massive MIMO Systems With Multicell Coordinated Beamforming and Power ControlChoi, Jinseok; Cho, Yunseong; Evans, Brian L.ARTICLE393
2023-03Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for Downlink MIMO: A Generalized Power Iteration ApproachPark, Jeonghun; Choi, Jinseok; Lee, Namyoon; Shin, Wonjae; Poor, H. VincentARTICLE112
2017-12Resolution-Adaptive Hybrid MIMO Architectures for Millimeter Wave CommunicationsChoi, Jinseok; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanARTICLE347
2019-12-11Robust learning-based ML detection for massive MIMO systems with one-bit quantized signalsChoi, Jinseok; Cho, Yunseong; Evans, Brian L.; Gatherer, AlanCONFERENCE300
2022-05-16Secure Internet-of-Things Communications: Joint Precoding and Power ControlOh, Mintaek; Park, Jeonghun; Choi, JinseokCONFERENCE148
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28