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2013-11A comprehensive analysis of a TE11 to HE11 mode converter for an oversized F-band corrugated waveguideChoe, Mun Seok; Kim, Kwang Hoon; Choi, EunMiARTICLE658
2016-08A Method for Pulse Shortening of High-Power Millimeter Waves Using Plasma BreakdownKim, Dongsung; Choe, Mun Seok; Yu, Dongho; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiARTICLE548
2018-01Accurate identification of whispering gallery mode patterns of gyrotron with stabilized electro-optic imaging systemLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choe, Munseok; Lee, Dong Joon; Choi, EunMiARTICLE527
2009-01Calculation of Radiation from a Helically Cut Waveguide for a Gyrotron Mode Converter in the Quasi-Optical ApproximationChoi, EunMi; Shapiro, M. A.; Sirigiri, J. R.; Temkin, R. J.ARTICLE537
2017-12Characterization of the Goubau line for testing beam diagnostic instrumentsKim, S. Y.; Stulle, F.; Sung, C. K.; Yoo, K. H.; Seok, J.; Moon, K. J.; Choi, C. U.; Chung, Y.; Kim, G.; Woo, H. J.; Kwon, J.; Lee, I. G.; Choi, EunMi; Chung, MosesARTICLE375
2014-10Cold testing of quasi-optical mode converters using a generator for non-rotating high-order gyrotron modesKim, Sunggug; Kim, Dongsung; Choe, Munseok; Lee, W.; So, J.; Choi, EunMiARTICLE757
2017-11Competition-free second harmonic mode THz orbital angular momentum gyrotron with dual-mode operation by a perturbed cavitySawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiARTICLE547
2017-07Design and Fabrication of a 300 GHz Modified Sine Waveguide Traveling-Wave Tube Using a Nano Computer Numerical Control MachineChoi, Wonjin; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiARTICLE561
2019-08Development of a Second Harmonic Dual Mode Gyrotron for Generation of Orbital Angular Momentum BeamChoi, EunMi; Sawant, AshwiniDoctoral thesis103
2019-02Development of an Energy-Recirculating Micromachined G-band Folded Waveguide Traveling Wave Tube OscillatorChoi, EunMi; Lee, IngeunDoctoral thesis158
2019-08Development of Quasi-Optical Millimeter- and THz-wave System for Probing Plasma DensityChoi, EunMi; Choe, Mun SeokDoctoral thesis114
2018-12Development of the Full Package of Gyrotron Simulation CodeSawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiARTICLE244
2015-09Direct Real-Time Power Measurement of a High-Power Electron Cyclotron Maser by a Simple One-Point Schottky Detector SignalKim, Sung Gug; Kim, Jung Ho; Kim, Dongsung; Won, Jong-Hyo; Lee, Woo Sang; Yang, Jongwon; Choi, EunMiARTICLE659
2007-08Efficiency enhancement of a 1.5-MW, 110-GHz gyrotron with a single-stage depressed collectorChoi, EunMi; Cerfon, A. J.; Mastovsky, I.; Shapiro, M. A.; Sirigiri, J. R.; Temkin, R. J.ARTICLE582
2011-07Erratum: Experimental Results on a 1.5 MW, 110 GHz Gyrotron with a Smooth Mirror Mode ConverterTax, David S.; Choi, EunMi; Mastovsky, Ivan; Neilson, Jeffrey M.; Shapiro, Michael A.; Sirigiri, Jagadishwar R.; Temkin, Richard J.; Torrezan, Antonio C.ARTICLE553
2020-02Error Tolerant Method of Dielectric Permittivity Determination Using a TE₀₁ Mode in a Circular Waveguide at the W-BandChoi, Hong Eun; Choi, Wonjin; Simakov, Evgenya I.; Zuboraj, Muhammed; Carlsten, Bruce E.; Choi, EunMiARTICLE117
2007-09Experimental observation of the effect of aftercavity interaction in a depressed collector gyrotron oscillatorChoi, EunMi; Shapiro, M. A.; Sirigiri, J. R.; Temkin, R. J.ARTICLE556
2006-02Experimental results for a 1.5 MW, 110 GHz gyrotron oscillator with reduced mode competitionChoi, EunMi; Marchewka, CD; Mastovsky, I; Sirigiri, JR; Shapiro, MA; Temkin, RJARTICLE759
2013-08Experimental Study on Generation of a Higher Order Mode for W-band Gyrotron OscillatorChoi, EunMi; Kim, KwanghoonMaster's thesis704
2009-02Ferrite-damped higher-order mode study in the Brookhaven energy-recovery linac cavityHahn, H.; Choi, EunMi; Hammons, L.ARTICLE520
Showing results 1 to 20 of 46