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2015-02-073D-OCT imaging for endolymphatic hydrops models evaluation of surgical methodJung, Woonggyu; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Kim, JeehyunCONFERENCE38
2014-01Development of real-time dual-display handheld and bench-top hybrid-mode SD-OCTsCho, Nam Hyun; Park, Kibeom; Wijesinghe, Ruchire Eranga; Shin, Yong Seung; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE773
2015-03Evaluation of the usefulness of three-dimensional optical coherence tomography in a guinea pig model of endolymphatic hydrops induced by surgical obliteration of the endolymphatic ductCho, Nam Hyun; Lee, Jang Woo; Cho, Jin-ho; Kim, Jeehyun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE842
2013-02High Speed SD-OCT System Using GPU Accelerated Mode for in vivo Human Eye ImagingCho, Nam Hyun; Jung, Unsang; Kim, Suhwan; Jung, Woonggyu; Oh, Junghwan; Kang, Hyun Wook; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE733
2016-11-04Image-guided recording system for neuronal signal mapping in brain sliceChoi, Geonho; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Jae, Jaemyung; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE36
2017-03In vivo 3D imaging of the human tympanic membrane using a wide-field diagonal-scanning optical coherence tomography probePark, Kibeom; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Lee, Sang Heun; Kim, Pilun; Jeon, Mansik; Boppart, Stephen A.; Kim, Jeehyun; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE396
2014-04In vivo imaging of middle-ear and inner-ear microstructures of a mouse guided by SD-OCT combined with a surgical microscopeCho, Nam Hyun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE700
2015-10-30Label Free Volumetric Imaging by Optical Projection TomographyJung, Woonggyu; Ban, Sungbea; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jung, Sunwoo; Andrey VavilinCONFERENCE39
2019-07Label-free optical projection tomography for quantitative three-dimensional anatomy of mouse embryoBan, Sungbea; Cho, Nam Hyun; Min, Eunjung; Bae, Jung Kweon; Ahn, Yujin; Shin, Sungwon; Park, Soo-Ah; Lee, Yoonsung; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE241
2015-08Lateral resolution enhancement using programmable phase modulator in optical coherence tomographyShirazi, Muhammad Faizan; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE636
2016-02-17Multi-contrast volumetric cell imaging based on optical projection tomographyBan, Sungbea; Cho, Nam Hyun; Ryu, Yongjae; Jung, Sunwoo; Vavilin, Andrey; Min, Eunjung; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE54
2018-04Optical assessment of the in vivo tympanic membrane status using a handheld optical coherence tomography-based otoscopePark, Kibeom; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jeon, Mansik; Lee, Sang Heun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Boppart, Stephen A.; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE468
2015-03Optical Coherence Tomography for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Human Otitis MediaCho, Nam Hyun; Lee, Sang Heun; Jung, Woonggyu; Jang, Jeong Hun; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE655
2013Optical coherence tomography for the diagnosis of human otitis mediaCho, Nam Hyun; Jung, Unsang; Jang, Jeong Hun; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, Jeehyun; Lee, Sang Heun; Boppart, Stephen A.CONFERENCE39
2016-03-21Spatial Light Interference Microscopy for Visualization of Wide-field Ex Vivo Mouse Brain ImagingMin, Eunjung; Kandell, Mikhail E.; Lee, Junwon; Cho, Nam Hyun; Best-popescu, Catherine; Popesu, Gabriel; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE54
2016-02-13Temporal and spatial mapping of neuronal signals in brain slice using image-guided recording systemLee, Jeonhyeon; Jang, Jaemyung; Cho, Nam Hyun; Baek, Songyee; Jeon, Noo Li; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE54
2015-10-30Temporal and Spatial Mapping of Neuronal Signals in Brain Slice Using Optical Coherence TomographyJung, Woonggyu; Choi, Geonho; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Jang, Jaemyung; Cho, Nam Hyun; Baek, SongyeeCONFERENCE34
2015-11-14Temporal and spatial mapping of neuronal signals in brain slice with optical coherence tomographyJung, Woonggyu; Choi, Geonho; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Jang, Jaemyung; Cho, Nam Hyun; Baek, Songyee; Jeon, Noo LiCONFERENCE34
2012-06Ultra-Fast Displaying Spectral Domain Optical Doppler Tomography System Using a Graphics Processing UnitJeong, Hyosang; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jung, Unsang; Lee, Changho; Kim, Jeong-Yeon; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE795
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19