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2007-05A single-scan method for measuring flow along an arbitrary directionCho, Hyungjoon; Ren, X.-H.; Sigmund, E. E.; Song, Y.-Q.ARTICLE576
2011-12Acceleration of multi-dimensional propagator measurements with compressed sensingPaulsen, Jeffrey L.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Song, Yi-QiaoARTICLE584
2014Application of dual T1 and T2* contrast with a single agent, iron oxide nanoparticles, in magnetic resonance angiographyCho, Hyungjoon; None; None; None; None; None; None; None; None; NoneARTICLE469
2009-10Atrasentan (ABT-627) enhances perfusion and reduces hypoxia in a human tumor xenograft modelYang, Kwang Mo; Russell, James; Lupu, Mihaela E.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Li, Xiao-Feng; Koutcher, Jason A.; Ling, C. CliftonARTICLE606
2018-03Automation of pattern recognition analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI data to characterize intratumoral vascular heterogeneityHan, SoHyun; Stoyanova, R; Lee, Hansol; Carlin, Sean D.; Koutcher, Jason A.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Ackerstaff, EllenARTICLE619
2018-07Cerebral blood perfusion deficits using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI with gadolinium chelates in rats with post-ischemic reperfusion without significant dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI-derived vessel permeabilities: A cautionary noteJin, Seokha; Kang, MungSoo; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE340
2013-06Cerebral blood volume affects blood-brain barrier integrity in an acute transient stroke modelHuang, Shuning; Kim, Jeong Kon; Atochin, Dmitriy N.; Farrar, Christian T.; Huang, Paul L.; Suh, Ji Yeon; Kwon, Seon Joo; Shim, Woo Hyun; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Kim, Young R.ARTICLE728
2016-09Covalent Conjugation of Small-Molecule Adjuvants to Nanoparticles Induces Robust Cytotoxic T Cell Responses via DC ActivationKim, Woo Gyum; Choi, Bongseo; Yang, Hyun-Ji; Han, Jae-A; Jung, Hoesu; Cho, Hyungjoon; Kang, Sebyung; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE605
2006-12Decay of highly correlated spin states in a dipolar-coupled solid: NMR study of CaF2Cho, Hyungjoon; Cappellaro, Paola; Cory, David G.; Ramanathan, ChandrasekharARTICLE514
2017-08Delineation of Tumor Habitats based on Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRIChang, Yu-Cherng Channing; Ackerstaff, Ellen; Tshudi, Yohann; Jimenez, Bryan; Foltz, Warren; Fisher, Carl; Lilge, Lothar; Cho, Hyungjoon; Carlin, Sean; Gillies, Robert J.; Balagurunathan, Yoganand; Yechieli, Raphel L.; Subhawong, Ty; Turkbey, Baris; Pollack, Alan; Stoyanova, RadkaARTICLE514
2008-01Diffusion-based MR methods for bone structure and evolutionSigmund, E. E.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Chen, P.; Byrnes, S.; Song, Y. -Q.; Guo, X. E.; Brown, T. R.ARTICLE618
2014-11Dual MRI T1 and T2 (*) contrast with size-controlled iron oxide nanoparticlesJung, Hoesu; Park, Bumwoo; Lee, Changkyung; Cho, Junghun; Suh, Jiyeon; Park, Jangyeon; Kim, Youngro; Kim, Jeongkon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE793
2003-02Encoding multiple quantum coherences in non-commuting basesRamanathan, C; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cappellaro, P; Boutis, GS; Cory, DGARTICLE518
2006-05Fast imaging with the MMME sequenceCho, Hyungjoon; Chavez, L; Sigmund, EE; Madio, DP; Song, YQARTICLE537
2011-07Frequency splitting of a multi-layered electric ring resonatorKim, S. G.; Kim, K. H.; Jung, H. S.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Choi, EunMiARTICLE642
2013-05Gaussian mixture model-based classification of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI data for identifying diverse tumor microenvironments: preliminary resultsHan, S. H.; Ackerstaff, E.; Stoyanova, R.; Carlin, S.; Huang, W.; Koutcher, J. A.; Kim, J. K.; Cho, G.; Jang, Gil-Jin; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE648
2019-02Gradient-echo and spin-echo blood oxygenation level-dependent functional MRI at ultrahigh fields of 9.4 and 15.2 TeslaHan, SoHyun; Son, Jeong Pyo; Cho, Hyungjoon; Park, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Seung-GiARTICLE443
2009-05High-resolution MRI of internal field diffusion-weighting in trabecular boneSigmund, E. E.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Song, Y. -Q.ARTICLE685
2009-03In Vivo Imaging of Signal Decay due to Diffusion in the Internal Field in Human Knee Trabecular BoneEric, Sigmund; Ravinder, Regatte; Mark Schweitzer; Cho, Hyungjoon; Yi-Qiao SongARTICLE608
2017-07Influence of B1 Inhomogeneity on Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI: A Simulation StudyPark, Bum Woo; Choi, Byung Se; Sung, Yu Sub; Woo, Dong-Cheol; Shim, Woo Hyun; Kim, Kyung Won; Choi, Soon Seok; Pae, Sang Joon; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Cho, Hyungjoon; Kim, Jeong KonARTICLE547
Showing results 1 to 20 of 63