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2011-07NF-AT5 Is a Critical Regulator of Inflammatory ArthritisYoon, Hyung-Ju; You, Sungyong; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Kim, Nam-Hoon; Kwon, H. Moo; Yoon, Chong-Hyeon; Cho, Chul-Soo; Hwang, Daehee; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE657
2013-07Reactive oxygen species regulate context-dependent inhibition of NFAT5 target genesKim, Nam-Hoon; Hong, Bong-Ki; Choi, Soo Youn; Kwon, H. Moo; Cho, Chul-Soo; Yi, Eugene C; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE806
2006-10Serum amyloid A binding to formyl peptide receptor-like 1 induces synovial hyperplasia and angiogenesisLee, Mi-Sook; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Cho, Chul-Soo; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, Wan-Uk; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE666
2017-04Suppression of NFAT5-mediated Inflammation and Chronic Arthritis by Novel κB-binding InhibitorsHan, Eun-Jin; Kim, Hyun Young; Lee, Naeun; Kim, Nam-Hoon; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Kwon, H. Moo; Jue, Dae-Myung; Park, Yune-Jung; Cho, Chul-Soo; De, Tran Quang; Jeong, Dea Young; Lim, Hee-Jong; Park, Woo Kyu; Lee, Ge Hyeong; Cho, Heeyeong; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE755
2014-08The xanthine oxidase-NFAT5 pathway regulates macrophage activation and TLR-induced inflammatory arthritisKim, Nam-Hoon; Choi, Susanna; Han, Eun-Jin; Hong, Bong-Ki; Choi, Soo Youn; Kwon, H. Moo; Hwang, Sue-Yun; Cho, Chul-Soo; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE792
2017-03Transcription factor NFAT5 promotes macrophage survival in rheumatoid arthritisChoi, Susanna; You, Sungyong; Kim, Donghyun; Choi, Soo Youn; Kwon, H. Moo; Kim, Hyun-Sook; Hwang, Daehee; Park, Yune-Jung; Cho, Chul-Soo; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE672
2018-07Transcription Factor NFAT5 Promotes Migration and Invasion of Rheumatoid Synoviocytes via Coagulation Factor III and CCL2Lee, Saseong; Kong, Jin-Sun; You, Sungyong; Kwon, H. Moo; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Cho, Chul-Soo; Kim, Wan-UkARTICLE308
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7