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2006-10Chain architecture dependent 3-dimensional supramolecular assembly of rod-coil molecules with a conjugated hexa-p-phenylene rodPark, Myoung-Hwan; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Lee, Eunji; Han, Kyung-Hee; Chung, Yeon-Wook; Cho, Byoung-Ki; Lee, MyongsooARTICLE792
2011-06Complementary Hydrogen Bonding Between a Clicked C-3-Symmetric Triazole Derivative and Carboxylic Acids for Columnar Liquid-Crystalline AssembliesRyu, Mi-Hee; Choi, Jin-Woo; Kim, Ho-Joong; Park, Noejung; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE718
2019-02Ferroelectrically Switching Helical Columnar Assembly Comprising Cisoid Conformers of a 1,2,3-Triazole-based Liquid CrystalManh Linh Nguyen; Byun, Jaeduk; Kim, Suwoong; Hyun, June Won; Hur, Kahyun; Shin, Tae Joo; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE349
2021-07Non-classical temperature-dependent phase sequence: long-lived metastable piezoelectric helical columnar liquid crystalline polymorphNguyen, Manh Linh; Byun, Jaeduk; Shin, Tae Joo; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE208
2007-04Observation of an unprecedented body centered cubic micellar mesophase from rod-coil moleculesLee, Eunji; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Park, Myoung-Hwan; Lee, Myongsoo; Han, Kyung-Hee; Chung, Yeon-Wook; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE756
2017-08Oriented columnar films of a polar 1,2,3-triazole-based liquid crystal prepared by applying an electric fieldManh Linh Nguyen; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, Ho-Joong; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE642
2014-20Smectic assemblies in C-3-symmetric hexa-alkylated liquid crystals: transformation from smectogen to discogen via hydrogen bondingPark, Soyoung; Ryu, Mi-Hee; Shin, Tae Joo; Cho, Byoung-KiARTICLE209
2006-09Supramolecular assembly of rigid-flexible block molecules into organized nano-structuresRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Cho, Byoung-Ki; Lee, MyongsooARTICLE691
2000-05Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Rod-Coil Dimers based on Poly(propylene oxide) CoilCho, Byoung-Ki; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Ziin, Wang-Cheol; Lee, MyongsooARTICLE594
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9