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2015-08-06A Thienoisoindigo-Naphthalene Polymer with Ultrahigh MobilityYang, Changduk; Kim, Gyoungsik; Kang, Seok Ju; Dutta, Gitish K.; Lee, Kyu Cheol; Park, Kwang Hyun; Lee, Junghoon; Chen, Shan Shan; Tanya, Kumari; HAn, Young-Kyu; Shin, Tae Joo; Noh, YongyoungCONFERENCE15
2015-08-06Enhanced thermal stability of PTB7&PC70BM solar cell through n-type organic conjugated polymer additiveYang, Changduk; Park, Kwang Hyun; Ahn, Yujin; Jun,g Seungon; Lee, Sangmyeon; Lee, Junghoon; Lee, Kyu Cheol; Kim, Gyoungsik; Tanya, Kumari; Chen, Shan Shan; Park, HyesungCONFERENCE17
2015-08-06Pechmann Dye-Based Organic Semiconducting Polymers for Applications in Organic Field-Effect TransistorsYang, Changduk; Lee, Kyu Cheol; Lee, Haerang; Chen, Shan Shan; Kim, Gyoungsik; Park, Kwang Hyun; Tanya, Kumari; Lee, Junghoon; Oh, JoonhakCONFERENCE11
2015-11-15Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of Indacenodithiophene based polymers with flourinated alkoxyphenyl side chainYang, Changduk; Chen, Shan Shan; Zhang ,ZG; Li, YongfangCONFERENCE10
2015-11-15Systematic Investigation of Non-Ionic Phosphonate Chains onto Isoindigo-Based Polymers Toward Control of Charge Dynamic for Optoelectronic DevicedsYang, Changduk; Chen, Shan Shan; Kim, Gyoungsik; Song, Seyeong; Lee, Jungho; Kim, Taehyo; Lee, Tackho; Walker, Bright; Kim, JinyoungCONFERENCE11
2015-08-06The Crucial Role of Various Additives Processing in Controlling Nanoscale Morphology of BHJs Solar Cells for Enhanced PerformanceYang, Changduk; Tanya, Kumari; Moon, Mijin; Lee, Kyu Cheol; Park, Kwang Hyun; Lee, Junghoon; Kim, Gyoungsik; Chen, Shan ShanCONFERENCE14
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6