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2014-09An artificial tongue fluorescent sensor array for identification and quantitation of various heavy metal ionsXu, Wang; Ren, Changliang; Teoh, Chai Lean; Peng, Juanjuan; Gadre, Shubhankar Haribhau; Rhee, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Chi-Lik Ken; Chang, Young-TaeARTICLE778
2020-02Direct monitoring of live human pluripotent stem cells by a highly selective pluripotency sensorPark, Myung Rae; Nam, Donggyu; Lee, Hyunah; Chang, Young-Tae; Zaehres, Holm; Kim, Jeong BeomARTICLE54
2016-05-19Direct screening of human pluripotency by a fluorescent small compound for clinical applicationPark, Myung Rae; Nam, Donggyu; Chang, Young-Tae; Kim, Jeong BeomCONFERENCE19
2013-09Focused Fluorescent Probe Library for Metal Cations and Biological AnionsRhee, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Sang Wook; Lee, Jun-Seok; Chang, Young-Tae; Hong, Jong-InARTICLE513
2012-08High-Performance Graphene-Titania Platform for Detection of Phosphopeptides in Cancer CellsTang, Lena Ai Ling; Wang, Junzhong; Lim, Teck Kwang; Bi, Xuezhi; Lee, Wong Cheng; Lin, Qingsong; Chang, Young-Tae; Lim, Chwee Teck; Loh, Kian PingARTICLE503
2013-07Make Caffeine Visible: a Fluorescent Caffeine "Traffic Light" DetectorXu, Wang; Kim, Tae-Hyeong; Zhai, Duanting; Er, Jun Cheng; Zhang, Liyun; Kale, Anup Atul; Agrawalla, Bikram Keshari; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Chang, Young-TaeARTICLE698
2002-09Purine-based inhibitors of inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-3-kinaseChang, Young-Tae; Choi, Gildon; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Burdett, Matthew; Moon, Ho-Sang; Lee, Jae Wook; Gray, Nathanael S.; Schultz, Peter G.; Meijer, Laurent; Chung, Sung-Kee; Choi, Kwan Yong; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE557
2013-10Ratiometric Fluorescent Probes for Hydrogen Peroxide from a Focused LibraryLee, Sang Wook; Rhee, Hyun-Woo; Chang, Young-Tae; Hong, Jong-InARTICLE849
2019-06Visualizing Microglia with a Fluorescence Turn-On Ugt1a7c SubstrateKim, Beomsue; Fukuda, Masahiro; Lee, Jung-Yeol; Su, Dongdong; Sanu, Srikanta; Silvin, Aymeric; Khoo, Audrey T. T.; Kwon, Taejoon; Liu, Xiao; Chi, Weijie; Liu, Xiaogang; Choi, Sejong; Wan, Diana S. Y.; Park, Sung-Jin; Kim, Jin-Soo; Ginhoux, Florent; Je, H. Shawn; Chang, Young-TaeARTICLE161
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9