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2018-043D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials using all-inorganic Bi2Te3-based inksKim, Fredrick; Kwon, Beomjin; Eom, Youngho; Lee, Ji Eun; Park, Sangmin; Jo, Seungki; Park, Sung Hoon; Kim, Bong-Seo; Im, Hye Jin; Lee, Min Ho; Min, Tae Sik; Kim, Kyung Tae; Chae, Han Gi; King, William P.; Son, Jae SungARTICLE1173
2017-09-154th industrial revolution and development of carbon fiber reinforced compositesChae, Han GiCONFERENCE39
2005-11A comparison of reinforcement efficiency of various types of carbon nanotubes in polyacrylonitrile fiberChae, Han Gi; Sreekumar, T.V.; Uchida, Tetsuya; Kumar, SatishARTICLE763
2008-04Carbon nanotube dispersion and exfoliation in polypropylene and structure and properties of the resulting compositesLee, Geon-Woong; Jagannathan, Sudhakar; Chae, Han Gi; Minus, Marilyn L.; Kumar, SatishARTICLE690
2009-03Carbon nanotube reinforced small diameter polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiberChae, Han Gi; Choi, Young Ho; Minus, Marilyn L.; Kumar, SatishARTICLE689
2019-05-16Carbonization of cellulose nanocrystalKim, Yea-Eun; Lee, Jung-Eun; Lee, Dong-Je; Chae, Han GiCONFERENCE52
2020-02Carbonization Study of Cellulose Nanocrystals and its Applications for Battery Anode, and Super Engineering Plastic Based Nano Composite FibersChae, Han Gi; Kim, Yea EunMaster's thesis145
2018-08Carbonization Study of Cellulose Nanocrystals and Super Engineering Plastic Based Nano Composite FibersChae, Han Gi; Son, SungMinMaster's thesis400
2021-03Composition-segmented BiSbTe thermoelectric generator fabricated by multimaterial 3D printingYang, Seong Eun; Kim, Fredrick; Ejaz, Faizan; Lee, Gi Seung; Ju, Hyejin; Choo, Seungjun; Lee, Jungsoo; Kim, Gyeonghun; Jung, Soo-ho; Ahn, Sangjoon; Chae, Han Gi; Kim, Kyung Tae; Kwon, Beomjin; Son, Jae SungARTICLE81
2019-03Correlation between inhomogeneity in polyacrylonitrile spinning dopes and carbon fiber tensile strengthRaghavan, Vijay; Gulgunje, Prabhakar V.; Gupta, Kishor K.; Kamath, Manjeshwar G.; Liu, Yaodong; Pramanik, Chandrani; Newcomb, Bradley A.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE315
2021-02Correlation between the Microstructure and the Mechanical Properties of PAN-based Stabilized/Carbonized FibersChae, Han Gi; Lee, Dong-JeMaster's thesis10
2020-07Defect structure evolution of polyacrylonitrile and single wall carbon nanotube nanocomposites: a molecular dynamics simulation approachHeo, So Jeong; Kim, Kwang Ho; Han, Byungchan; Chae, Han Gi; Lee, Seung GeolARTICLE187
2019-09-19Development of highly crystalline graphite in carbonized PAN/GO and PAN/CNT filmsLee, Dong-Je; Lee, Jung-Eun; Ju, Hyejin; Lee, Ga-Hyeun; Chae, Han GiCONFERENCE75
2015-08Development of single filament testing procedure for polyacrylonitrile precursor and polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibersLyons, Kevin M.; Newcomb, Bradley A.; McDonald, Kenneth J.; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE919
2021-04Doping-induced viscoelasticity in PbTe thermoelectric inks for 3D printing of power-generating tubesLee, Jungsoo; Choo, Seungjun; Ju, Hyejin; Hong, Jaehyung; Yang, Seong Eun; Kim, Fredrick; Gu, Da Hwi; Jang, Jeongin; Kim, Gyeonghun; Ahn, Sangjoon; Lee, Ji Eun; Kim, Sung Youb; Chae, Han Gi; Son, Jae SungARTICLE9
2014-06Effect of carbon nanotubes on sintering behavior of alumina prepared by sol-gel methodLiu, Yaodong; Chae, Han Gi; Choi, Young Ho; Kumar, SatishARTICLE683
2020-11-20Effect of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) on polyacrylonitrile (PAN) polymer chain structure in the PAN/CNC fibers prepared through an in situ polymerizationJu, Hyejin; Lee, Jung-Eun; Kim, Min Jeong; Chae, Han GiCONFERENCE25
2020-09Effect of dissolution pathways of polyacrylonitrile on the solution homogeneity: Thermodynamic- or kinetic-controlled dissolutionEom, Youngho; Ju, Hyejin; Park, Yeonju; Chae, Dong Wook; Jung, Young Mee; Kim, Byoung Chul; Chae, Han GiARTICLE111
2017-04Effect of high-shear mixing by twin-screw extruder on the dispersion and homogeneity of polyacrylonitrile/carbon nanotube composite solutionYan, Xuejia; Dong, Hongming; Xiao, Zhiwei; Liu, Yaodong; Liu, Tao; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, SatishARTICLE515
2004-05Effect of methyl substitution of the ethylene unit on the physical properties of poly(butylene succinate)Chae, Han Gi; Park, Sun Ho; Kim, Byoung Chul; Kim, Dong KookARTICLE601
Showing results 1 to 20 of 99