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2014-0125th Anniversary Article: Rational Design and Applications of Hydrogels in Regenerative MedicineAnnabi, Nasim; Tamayol, Ali; Uquillas, Jorge Alfredo; Akbari, Mohsen; Bertassoni, Luiz E.; Cha, Chaenyung; Camci-Unal, Gulden; Dokmeci, Mehmet R.; Peppas, Nicholas A.; Khademhosseini, AliARTICLE745
2011-12A cell-instructive hydrogel to regulate malignancy of 3D tumor spheroids with matrix rigidityLiang, Youyun; Jeong, Jaehyun; DeVolder, Ross J.; Cha, Chaenyung; Wang, Fei; Tong, Yen Wah; Kong, HyunjoonARTICLE641
2013-05An optofluidic mechanical system for elasticity measurement of thin biological tissuesCha, Chaenyung; Oh, JonghyunARTICLE596
2009-10Biodegradable Polymer Crosslinker: Independent Control of Stiffness, Toughness, and Hydrogel Degradation RateCha, Chaenyung; Kohmon, Richie E.; Kong, HyunjoonARTICLE755
2017-09Carbon nanomaterials as versatile platforms for theranostic applicationsKim, Mirae; Jang, Jinhyeong; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE713
2013-04Carbon-Based Nanomaterials: Multifunctional Materials for Biomedical EngineeringCha, Chaenyung; Shin, Su Ryon; Annabi, Nasim; Dokmeci, Mehmet R.; Khademhosseini, AliARTICLE598
2019-11Cellulose acetate nanoneedle array covered with phosphorylcholine moiety as a biocompatible and sustainable antifouling materialPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Lee, Dongjin; Seong, Minho; Cha, Chaenyung; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE331
2019-03Complex Tuning of Physical Properties of Hyperbranched Polyglycerol‐Based Bioink for Microfabrication of Cell‐Laden HydrogelsHong, Jisu; Shin, Yoonkyung; Kim, Suntae; Lee, Jiseok; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE217
2017-09Comprehensive Examination of Mechanical and Diffusional Effects on Cell Behavior Using a Decoupled 3D Hydrogel SystemKim, Suntae; Sim, Sung Bo; Lee, Kangseok; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE497
2019-07Comprehensive tuning of bioadhesive properties of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membranes with controlled porosityJang, Yeonseok; Lee, Minseok; Kim, Hyojae; Cha, Chaenyung; Jung, Jinmu; Oh, JonghyunARTICLE167
2014-02Controlling Mechanical Properties of Cell-Laden Hydrogels by Covalent Incorporation of Graphene OxideCha, Chaenyung; Shin, Su Ryon; Gao, Xiguang; Annabi, Nasim; Dokmeci, Mehmet R.; Tang, Xiaowu (Shirley); Khademhosseini, AliARTICLE601
2010-06Decoupled control of stiffness and permeability with a cell-encapsulating poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate hydrogelCha, Chaenyung; Kim, So Youn; Cao, Lan; Kong, HyunjoonARTICLE653
2012-11Designing Biomaterials To Direct Stem Cell FateCha, Chaenyung; Liechty, William B.; Khademhosseini, Ali; Peppas, Nicholas A.ARTICLE525
2017-11Dual ionic crosslinked interpenetrating network of alginate-cellulose beads with enhanced mechanical properties for biocompatible encapsulationLee, Kangseok; Hong, Jisu; Roh, Hyun Ji; Kim, Soo Hyun; Lee, Hyunjung; Lee, Sung Kuk; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE1439
2017-05Effects of precursor composition and mode of crosslinking on mechanical properties of graphene oxide reinforced composite hydrogelsJang, Jinhyeong; Hong, Jisu; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE712
2020-01Enhanced mechanical and electrical properties of heteroscaled hydrogels infused with aqueous-dispersible hybrid nanofibersKim, Suntae; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE105
2016-11Enhancing the biocompatibility of microfluidics-assisted fabrication of cell-laden microgels with channel geometryKim, Suntae; Oh, Jonghyun; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE770
2012-03Fabrication of Microgel-in-Liposome Particles with Improved Water RetentionAn, Eunjung; Jeong, Choon Bok; Cha, Chaenyung; Kim, Do Hoon; Lee, Haekwang; Kong, Hyunjoon; Kim, Junoh; Kim, Jin WoongARTICLE557
2019-04Fluorescence Enhancement from Nitro-Compound-Sensitive Bacteria within Spherical Hydrogel ScaffoldsKim, Soohyun; Kim, Hyunji; Qiao, Tian; Cha, Chaenyung; Lee, Sung Kuk; Lee, Kangseok; Ro, Hyun Ji; Kim, Youngkyun; Lee, Wonmok; Lee, HyunjungARTICLE187
2019-10Implementation of combinatorial genetic and microenvironmental engineering to microbial-based field-deployable microbead biosensors for highly sensitive and remote chemical detectionLee, Kangseok; Choi, Sunho; Kim, Chuntae; Kang, Woo Seok; Son, Wonhak; Bae, Sung Chul; Oh, Jin-Woo; Lee, Sung Kuk; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE145
Showing results 1 to 20 of 48