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2017-10Current progress and scientific challenges in the advancement of organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite solar cellsBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE392
2017-02Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Mechanisms on Metal-, Nitrogen- co-doped Graphene (M-N2-G (M = Ti, Cu, Mo, Nb and Ru)) ElectrocatalystsBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE818
2017-06Effect of lattice strain on nanomaterials in energy applications: A perspective on experiment and theoryBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE519
2019-03Electrocatalytic property of water oxidation reaction depends on charging state of intermediates on Ag-M (M = Fe, co, Ni, Cu) in alkaline mediaBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae Sung; Lee, Jin YongARTICLE263
2018-07Metal-Free Artificial Photosynthesis of Carbon Monoxide Using N-Doped ZnTe Nanorod Photocathode Decorated with N-Doped Carbon Electrocatalyst LayerJang, Youn Jeong; Bhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Jaehyuk; Choi, Sun Hee; Lee, Byeong Jun; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE500
2017-07Nanomaterials for photocatalytic hydrogen production: From theoretical perspectivesBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE615
2016-11Oxygen Reduction Reaction Mechanisms on Al-Doped X-Graphene (X = N, P, and S) Catalysts in Acidic Medium: A Comparative DFT StudyBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE652
2015-05Recent theoretical progress in the development of photoanode materials for solar water splitting photoelectrochemicall cellsBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE627
2017-02Screening of Oxygen-Reduction-Reaction-Efficient Electrocatalysts Based on Ag-M (M = 3d, 4d, and 5d Transition Metals) Nanoalloys: A Density Functional Theory StudyBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE519
2018-12Sulfur-Doped Dicobalt Phosphide Outperforming Precious Metals as a Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Alkaline Water ElectrolysisAnjum, Mohsin Ali Raza; Bhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Min Hee; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE284
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10