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2011-01Adaptive mechanically controlled lubrication mechanism found in articular jointsLee, Dong Woog; Greene, George W.; Banquy, Xavier; Lowrey, Daniel D.); Yu, Jing; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE648
2012-03Adhesion and hemifusion of cytoplasmic myelin lipid membranes are highly dependent on the lipid compositionBanquy, Xavier; Kristiansen, Kai; Lee, Dong Woog; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE561
2015-02Adsorption mechanism of myelin basic protein on model substrates and its bridging interaction between the two surfacesLee, Dong Woog; Banquy, Xavier; Kristiansen, Kai; Min, Younjin; Ramachandran, Arun; Boggs, Joan M.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE654
2014-04Bioinspired bottle-brush polymer exhibits low friction and Amontons-like behaviorBanquy, Xavier; Burdynska, Joanna; Lee, Dong Woog; Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof; Israelachvili, JacobARTICLE596
2020-11Bioinspired polymers for lubrication and wear resistanceAdibnia, Vahid; Mirbagheri, Marziye; Faivre, Jimmy; Robert, Jordan; Lee, Jeungjun; Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof; Lee, Dong Woog; Banquy, XavierARTICLE92
2014-05Effects of molecular weight of grafted hyaluronic acid on wear initiationLee, Dong Woog; Banquy, Xavier; Das, Saurabh; Cadirov, Nicholas; Jay, Gregory; Israelachvili, JacobARTICLE584
2012-08Hyaluronic acid - collagen network interactions during the dynamic compression and recovery of cartilageGreene, George W.; Zappone, Bruno; Banquy, Xavier; Lee, Dong Woog; Soderman, Olle; Topgaard, Daniel; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE571
2016-01Interaction Forces between Supported Lipid Bilayers in the Presence of PEGylated PolymersBanquy, Xavier; Lee, Dong Woog; Kristiansen, Kai; Gebbie, Matthew A.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE742
2014-02Lipid domains control myelin basic protein adsorption and membrane interactions between model myelin lipid bilayersLee, Dong Woog; Banquy, Xavier; Kristiansen, Kai; Kaufman, Yair; Boggs, Joan M.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE698
2019-12Multimodal Miniature Surface Forces Apparatus (μSFA) for Interfacial Science MeasurementsKristiansen, Kai; Donaldson, Stephen H.; Berkson, Zachariah J.; Scott, Jeffrey; Su, Rongxin; Banquy, Xavier; Lee, Dong Woog; De Aguiar, Hilton B.; McGraw, Joshua D.; Degen, George D.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE405
2015-05Real-time intermembrane force measurements and imaging of lipid domain morphology during hemifusionLee, Dong Woog; Kristiansen, Kai; Donaldson, Stephen H., Jr.; Cadirov, Nicholas; Banquy, Xavier; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE785
2011-08Reply to McCutchen: Clarification of hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication mechanisms in jointsGreene, George W.; Banquy, Xavier; Lee, Dong Woog; Lowrey, Daniel D.; Yu, Jing; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE532
2014-06Shear-Induced Aggregation of Mammalian Synovial Fluid Components under Boundary Lubrication ConditionsBanquy, Xavier; Lee, Dong Woog; Das, Saurabh; Hogan, Jack; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE671
2013-02Stick-slip friction and wear of articular jointsLee, Dong Woog; Banquy, Xavier; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE768
2013-12The Intersection of Interfacial Forces and Electrochemical ReactionsIsraelachvili, Jacob N.; Kristiansen, Kai; Gebbie, Matthew A.; Lee, Dong Woog; Donaldson, Stephen H., Jr.; Das, Saurabh; Rapp, Michael V.; Banquy, Xavier; Valtiner, Markus; Yu, JingARTICLE661
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