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2009-11A benchmark study on the thermal conductivity of nanofluidsKim, Ji Hyun; Bang, In Cheol; Buongiorno, Jacopo; Venerus, David C.; Prabhat, Naveen; McKrell, Thomas; Townsend, Jessica; Christianson, Rebecca; Tolmachev, Yuriy V.; Keblinski, Pawel; Hu, Lin-wen; Alvarado, Jorge L.; Bishnoi, Sandra W.; Bonetti, Marco; Botz, Frank; Cecere, Anselmo; Chang, Yun; Chen, Gany; Chen, Haisheng; Chung, Sung Jae; Chyu, Minking K.; Das, Sarit K.; Di Paola, Roberto; Ding, Yulong; Dubois, Frank; Dzido, Grzegorz; Eapen, Jacob; Escher, Werner; Funfschilling, Denis; Galand, Quentin; Gao, Jinwei; Gharagozloo, Patricia E.; Goodson, Kenneth E.; Gutierrez, Jorge Gustavo; Hong, Haiping; Horton, Mark; Hwang, Kyo Sik; Iorio, Carlo S.; Jang, Seok Pil; Jarzebski, Andrzej B.; Jiang, Yiran; Jin, Liwen; Kabelac, Stephan; Kamath, Aravind; Kedzierski, Mark A.; Kieng, Lim Geok; Kim, Chongyoup; Kim, Seokwon; Lee, Seung Hyun; Leong, Kai Choong; Manna, Indranil; Michel, Bruno; Ni, Rui; Patel, Hrishikesh E.; Philip, John; Poulikakos, Dimos; Reynaud, Cecile; Savino, Raffaele; Singh, Pawan K.; Song, Pengxiang; Sundararajan, Thirumalachari; Timofeeva, Elena; Tritcak, Todd; Turanov, Aleksandr N.; Van Vaerenbergh, Stefan; Wen, Dongsheng; Witharana, Sanjeeva; Yang, Chun; Yeh, Wei-Hsun; Zhao, Xiao-Zheng; Zhou, Sheng-QiARTICLE1105
2001-05-01A digital photographic study on nucleate boiling in subcooled flowBang, In CheolCONFERENCE29
2012-09-09A feasibility study of use of liquid gallium coolant for IVR-ERVCBang, In Cheol; Park, SD; Kang, S; Lee, SW; Kim, SM; Seo, HCONFERENCE39
2018-04-08A numerical study for applicability of water tests to the sodium pool natural circulation analysisHwang, JH; Lee, MH; Bang, In Cheol; Jerng, DWCONFERENCE31
2002-06-01A photographic study on flow boiling of R-134a in a vertical channelBang, In CheolCONFERENCE29
2002-05-01A photographic study on flow boiling of R-134a in a vertical channelBang, In CheolCONFERENCE38
2002-07A photographic study on the near-wall bubble behavior in subcooled flow boilingChang, SH; Bang, In Cheol; Baek, WPARTICLE732
2000-10-01A photographic study on the near-wall bubble behavior in subcooled flow boilingBang, In CheolCONFERENCE37
1999-10-01A photographic study on the near-wall bubble behavior in subcooled flow boilingBang, In CheolCONFERENCE38
2019-08-18A preliminary study on biphilic surface for enhanced pool boiling performanceLim, DY; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE50
2011-10-30A study of application for in-vessel retention using the nanofluidBang, In CheolCONFERENCE35
2012-05-16A study on CHF Enhancement Mechanism for Nanofluids Based on Taylor InstabilityBang, In Cheol; Park, SD; Lee, SW; Kang, S; Kim, SM; Seo, HCONFERENCE31
2012-03A study on corrosion behavior of austenitic stainless steel in liquid metals at high temperatureShin, Sang Hun; Kim, Jong Jin; Jung, Ju Ang; Choi, Kyoung Joon; Bang, In Cheol; Kim, Ji HyunARTICLE898
2015-09-02A Visual Study of Molten Metal Fuel Coolant Interactions under an Initial Phase of SFR Severe Accident using Gallium Metal vs Water or R123Heo, Hyo; Park, Seong Dae; Jerng, Dong Wook; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE37
2019-03Acoustic analysis on the dynamic motion of vapor-liquid interface for the identification of boiling regime and critical heat fluxSeo, Seok Bin; Bang, In CheolARTICLE380
2019-05-19Activities of haeorum alliance nuclear innovation center for improved public acceptance and research infrastructuresKim, K.M.; Lee, N.K.; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE48
2020-04Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of circulating liquid fuel system for the multiphysics model of molten salt reactorJeong, Yeong Shin; Cervi, Eric; Cammi, Antonio; Ninokata, Hisashi; Bang, In CheolARTICLE158
2016-01Adoption of nitrogen power conversion system for small scale ultra-long cycle fast reactor eliminating intermediate sodium loopSeo, Seok Bin; Seo, Han; Bang, In CheolARTICLE734
2013-10-23Advanced In-Vessel Retention Strategy (IVR) by External Reactor Vessel Cooling (ERVC) with Liquid MetalBang, In Cheol; Park, Seong DaeCONFERENCE21
2017-09-03Aerosol transport behavior in Fusion Demo reactor at hydrogen and dust explosion event depending on its safety system activationLim, SM; Moon, SB; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE71
Showing results 1 to 20 of 315