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2015-09Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation by Coupling to Exciton Ensembles in Ag-coated ZnO NanorodsHyun, Jerome K.; Kang, Taehee; Baek, Hyeonjun; Oh, Hongseok; Kim, Dai-sik; Yi, Gyu-chulARTICLE6
2013-06Epitaxial GaN Microdisk Lasers Grown on Graphene MicrodotsBaek, Hyeonjun; Lee, Chul-Ho; Chung, Kunook; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE346
2016-09Flexible GaN Light-Emitting Diodes Using GaN Microdisks Epitaxial Laterally Overgrown on Graphene DotsChung, Kunook; Yoo, Hyobin; Hyun, Jerome K.; Oh, Hongseok; Tchoe, Youngbin; Lee, Keundong; Baek, Hyeonjun; Kim, Miyoung; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE301
2012-09High-quality GaN films grown on chemical vapor-deposited graphene filmsChung, Kunook; Park, Suk In; Baek, Hyeonjun; Chung, Jin-Seok; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE336
2021-12Intracellular gallium nitride microrod laserSong, Minho S.; Baek, Hyeonjun; Lee, Keundong; Yoo, Dongha; Chung, Kunook; Lee, Jamin; Moon, Hyungseok C.; Lee, Byung Hun; Park, Hye Yoon; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE227
2016-03Microtube Light-Emitting Diode Arrays with Metal CoresTchoe, Youngbin; Lee, Chul-Ho; Park, Jun Beom; Baek, Hyeonjun; Chung, Kunook; Jo, Janghyun; Kim, Miyoung; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE316
2015-09Nanoscale Single-Element Color FiltersHyun, Jerome K.; Kang, Taehee; Baek, Hyeonjun; Kim, Dai-sik; Yi, Gyu-chulARTICLE2
2016-06Real-time device-scale imaging of conducting filament dynamics in resistive switching materialsLee, Keundong; Tchoe, Youngbin; Yoon, Hosang; Baek, Hyeonjun; Chung, Kunook; Lee, Sangik; Yoon, Chansoo; Park, Bae Ho; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE320
2014-11Selective excitation of Fabry-Perot or whispering-gallery mode-type lasing in GaN microrodsBaek, Hyeonjun; Hyun, Jerome K.; Chung, Kunook; Oh, Hongseok; Yi, Gyu-ChulARTICLE311
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9