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2016-05Accumulating insights into the role of phospholipase D2 in human diseasesGhim, Jaewang; Chelakkot, Chaithanya; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE660
2001-11ATP-induced mitogenesis is modulated by phospholipase D2 through extracellular signal regulated protein kinase dephosphorylation in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cellsLee, Chang Sup; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Lee, Sang Do; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE572
2003-10Differential activation of formyl peptide receptor signaling by peptide LigandsBae, Yoe-Sik; Song, Ji Young; Kim, Youndong; He, Rong; Ye, Richard D.; Kwak, Jong-Young; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE556
1998-04Distribution of the receptor for a novel peptide stimulating phosphoinositide hydrolysis in human leukocytesSeo, Jeong Kon; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Song, Hebok; Baek, Suk Hwan; Kim, Byung-Sam; Choi, Wan Sung; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE486
2000-04Independent functioning of cytosolic phospholipase A(2) and phospholipase D-1 in Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-D-Met-induced superoxide generation in human monocytesBae, Yoe-Sik; Kim, Youndong; Kim, Jae Ho; Lee, Taehoon G.; Kim, Yong; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE596
1999-11-12Independent Functioning of Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 and Phospholipase D1 in Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-D-Met-induced Superoxide Generation in Human MonocytesBae, Yoe-Sik; Kim, Youn Dong; Kim, Jae Ho; Lee, Taehoon G.; Kim, Yong; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoCONFERENCE43
2014-01Oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced foam cell formation is mediated by formyl peptide receptor 2Lee, Ha Young; Oh, Eunseo; Kim, Sang Doo; Seo, Jeong Kon; Bae, Yoe-SikARTICLE643
2017-01Phospholipase Cγ in Toll-like receptor-mediated inflammation and innate immunityBae, Yoe-Sik; Lee, Ha Young; Jung, Young Su; Lee, Mingyu; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE407
2015-04Proteomic analysis of the palmitate-induced myotube secretome reveals involvement of the annexin A1-formyl peptide receptor 2 (FPR2) pathway in insulin resistanceYoon, Jong Hyuk; Kim, Dayea; Jang, Jin-Hyeok; Ghim, Jaewang; Park, Soyeon; Song, Parkyong; Kwon, Yonghoon; Kim, Jaeyoon; Hwang, Daehee; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Berggren, Per-Olof; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE647
2002-09Purine-based inhibitors of inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-3-kinaseChang, Young-Tae; Choi, Gildon; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Burdett, Matthew; Moon, Ho-Sang; Lee, Jae Wook; Gray, Nathanael S.; Schultz, Peter G.; Meijer, Laurent; Chung, Sung-Kee; Choi, Kwan Yong; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE596
2015-11Serum amyloid A inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclast formationOh, Eunseo; Lee, Ha Young; Kim, Hak Jung; Park, Yoo Jung; Seo, Jeong Kon; Park, Joon Seong; Bae, Yoe-SikARTICLE562
2002-02The synthetic chemoattractant peptide, Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-D-Met, enhances monocyte survival via PKC-dependent Akt activationBae, Yoe-Sik; Kim, Youndong; Park, Jun Chul; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE577
1999-12Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-D-Met is a chemoattractant for human phagocytic cellsBae, Yoe-Sik; Kim, Youndong; Kim, Yong; Kim, Jae Ho; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE571
1999-09Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-Met activates mitogen-activated protein kinase via a Pi-3 kinase-mediated pathway independent of PKCBaek, Suk-Hwan; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Seo, Jeong Kon; Lee, Young-Han; Kim, Jung-Hye; Kwun, Koing-Bo; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE648
2013-06Wnt5a stimulates chemotactic migration and chemokine production in human neutrophilsJung, Young Su; Lee, Ha Young; Kim, Sang Doo; Park, Joon Seong; Kim, Jung Kuk; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Bae, Yoe-SikARTICLE688
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15