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2012-04A Compact Rotary Series Elastic Actuator for Human Assistive SystemsKong, Kyoungchul; Bae, Joonbum; Tomizuka, MasayoshiARTICLE669
2019-05A Direct Robust Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Controller based on an Adaptive Time-delay Estimator for Servomotor Rigid RobotsBa, Dang Xuan; Yeom, Hoyeon; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE186
2018-02A Dual-cable Hand Exoskeleton System for Virtual RealityPark, Yeongyu; Jo, Inseong; Lee, Jeongsoo; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE342
2012-03A gait rehabilitation strategy inspired by an iterative learning algorithmBae, Joonbum; Tomizuka, MasayoshiARTICLE762
2019-01A Hybrid Gripper With Soft Material and Rigid StructuresPark, Wookeun; Seo, Seongmin; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE368
2011-04A Mobile Gait Monitoring System for Abnormal Gait Diagnosis and Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study for Parkinson Disease PatientsBae, Joonbum; Kong, Kyoungchul; Byl, Nancy; Tomizuka, MasayoshiARTICLE710
2019-05A Portable and Spring-guided Hand Exoskeleton for Exercising Flexion/Extension of the FingersJo, Inseong; Park, Yeongyu; Lee, Jeongsoo; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE329
2020-02A Sensorized Hybrid Gripper to Evaluate a Grasping Quality based on a Largest Minimum WrenchPark, Wookeun; Seo, Seongmin; Oh, Jinhyeok; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE69
2017-02A soft sensor-based three-dimensional (3-D) finger motion measurement systemPark, Wookeun; Ro, Kyoungkwan; Kim, Suin; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE518
2013-09A tele-monitoring system for gait rehabilitation with an inertial measurement unit and a shoe-type ground reaction force sensorBae, Joonbum; Tomizuka, MasayoshiARTICLE763
2019-10A Tele-Operated Display With a Predictive Display AlgorithmJung, Yeongtae; Han, Kyutaek; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE199
2020-01A Three-dimensional Finger Motion Measurement System of a Thumb and an Index Finger Without a Calibration ProcessPark, Yeongyu; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE63
2019-02A Wearable Control Interface for Tele-operated RobotsBae, Joonbum; Jung, YeongtaeDoctoral thesis144
2016-12An asymmetric cable-driven mechanism for force control of exoskeleton systemsJung, Yeongtae; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE406
2020-02An Effective Disturbance-Observer-Based Nonlinear Controller for a Pump-Controlled Hydraulic SystemBa, Dang Xuan; Dinh, Truong Quang; Bae, Joonbum; Ahn, Kyoung KwanARTICLE242
2018-11An Interactive and Intuitive Control Interface for a Tele-operated Robot (AVATAR) SystemPark, Sungman; Jung, Yeongtae; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE391
2017-12Analysis of Finger Muscular Forces using a Wearable Hand Exoskeleton SystemKim, Suin; Lee, Jeongsoo; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE369
2016-11Analysis of period-1 passive limit cycles for flexible walking of a biped with knees and point feetMoon, Jae Sung; Lee, Seong-Min; Bae, Joonbum; Youm, Young IlARTICLE1009
2018-11Compliant mechanosensory composite (CMC): a compliant mechanism with an embedded sensing ability based on electric contact resistanceKwak, Bokeon; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE316
2019-11Comprehensive analysis of efficient swimming using articulated legs fringed with flexible appendages inspired by a water beetleKwak, Bokeon; Lee, Dongyoung; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE334
Showing results 1 to 20 of 56