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2012-11A low-cost, label-free DNA detection method in lab-on-chip format based on electrohydrodynamic instabilities, with application to long-range PCRDiakite, Mohamed Lemine Youba; Champ, Jerome; Descroix, Stephanie; Malaquin, Laurent; Amblard, Francois; Viovy, Jean-LouisARTICLE283
2021-03A role for Dynlt3 in melanosome movement, distribution, acidity and transferAktary, Zackie; Conde-Perez, Alejandro; Rambow, Florian; Di Marco, Mathilde; Amblard, Francois; Hurbain, Ilse; Raposo, Graca; Delevoye, Cedric; Coscoy, Sylvie; Larue, LionelARTICLE192
2021-01Adaptive architecture and mechanoresponse of epithelial cells on a torusYu, S-M.; Li, B.; Amblard, Francois; Granick, Steve; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE324
2014-08Collective migration: a task- sharing between cells leaders and supercellular coordinationReffay, Myriam; Parrini, Maria-Carla; Cochet-Escartin, Olivier; Ladoux, Benoit; Buguin, Axel; Coscoy, Sylvie; Amblard, Francois; Camonis, Jacques; Silberzan, PascalARTICLE258
2019-08Construction of a Cell Line for Proportion Controlled Alternative Gene ActivationAmblard, Francois; Dutta, ShikshaMaster's thesis538
2011-12Crystallization of Fluorescent Quantum Dots within a Three-Dimensional Bio-Organic Template of Actin Filaments and Lipid MembranesHenry, Etienne; Dif, Aurelien; Schmutz, Marc; Legoff, Loic; Amblard, Francois; Marchi-Artzner, Valerie; Artzner, FranckARTICLE257
2018-10Deep line-temporal focusing with high axial resolution and a large field-of-view using intracavity control and incoherent pulse shapingLou, Kai; Wang, Bo; Jee, Ah-Young; Granick, Steve; Amblard, FrancoisARTICLE721
2021-02Detectivity optimization to detect of ultraweak light fluxes with an EM-CCD as binary photon counter arrayKhaoua, Ibtissame; Graciani, Guillaume; Kim, Andrey; Amblard, FrancoisARTICLE304
2010-11Dynamic instability of the intracellular pressure drives bleb-based motilityMaugis, Benoit; Brugues, Jan; Nassoy, Pierre; Guillen, Nancy; Sens, Pierre; Amblard, FrancoisARTICLE250
2010-08Dynamical organization of the cytoskeletal cortex probed by micropipette aspirationBrugues, Jan; Maugis, Benoit; Casademunt, Jaume; Nassoy, Pierre; Amblard, Francois; Sens, PierreARTICLE254
2009-04Endocytosis is required for E-cadherin redistribution at mature adherens junctionsde Beco, Simon; Gueudry, Charles; Amblard, Francois; Coscoy, SylvieARTICLE232
2018-03Engineering small tubes with changes in diameter for the study of kidney cell organizationVenzac, Bastien; Madoun, Randa; Benarab, Taous; Monnier, Sylvain; Cayrac, Fanny; Myram, Sarah; Leconte, Ludovic; Amblard, Francois; Viovy, Jean-Louis; Descroix, Stephanie; Coscoy, SylvieARTICLE699
2017-02Fundamental Study of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Induced by Optogenetic ApproachAmblard, Francois; Lee, Chan-YoungMaster's thesis433
2021-10Heterogeneity is not always a source of noise: Stochastic gene expression in regulatory heterozygoteJang, Juneil; Amblard, Francois; Ghim, Cheol-MinARTICLE89
2018-06How to better focus waves by considering symmetry and information lossLou, Kai; Granick, Steve; Amblard, FrancoisARTICLE804
2015-06Mechanosensitive Adaptation of E-Cadherin Turnover across adherens Junctionsde Beco, Simon; Perney, Jean-Baptiste; Coscoy, Sylvie; Amblard, FrancoisARTICLE266
2018-07Microtopographies control the development of basal protrusions in epithelial sheetsCoscoy, Sylvie; Baiz, Sarah; Octon, Jean; Rhone, Benoit; Perquis, Lucie; Tseng, Qingzong; Amblard, Francois; Semetey, VincentARTICLE849
2011-06Orientation and Polarity in Collectively Migrating Cell Structures: Statics and DynamicsReffay, Myriam; Petitjean, Laurence; Coscoy, Sylvie; Grasland-Mongrain, Erwan; Amblard, Francois; Buguin, Axel; Silberzan, PascalARTICLE725
2016-10Polycystins and intercellular mechanotransduction: A precise dosage of polycystin 2 is necessary for alpha-actinin reinforcement of junctions upon mechanical stimulationBhoonderowa, Laxsoomee; Hameurlaine, Fatima; Arbabian, Atousa; Faqir, Fahima; Amblard, Francois; Coscoy, SylvieARTICLE270
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28